Dreaming About Bears, What Does It Mean?

Dreaming about bears with baby

Ever had a dream about a bear and don’t know what this means? This article covers it all. Dreaming about bears. Dreaming about bears is fairly uncommon and dreaming about bears is a good sign. It means that you are a loving person or taking care of others in need. Often bears symbolize your family, … Read more

Dreaming About Money Notes

money notes dream

Dreaming about money notes is a common dream sign. Often this can have an impact on your life, because what does the money notes mean? Dreaming about money notes. Dreaming about money notes means that you are having issues related to your financial stability, or that you are too generous with your money. It could … Read more

77 Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

Dream symbols represented by the moon

Dreams are like untold stories. Everyone interested in them wants to know what they mean and what message they hold. Everything that happens in a dream can have a personal meaning, these dream symbol meanings will be generalized. This will be a start to unravel your dreams and learn something more about yourself. If dream … Read more

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone

Cat dream meaning

You have probably noticed that most of the dreams you have, have people in them, you know, or have seen before. This is because all of your dream characters are based on characters you have seen in real life or on tv, the internet, or mangas. This makes it extra special when you dream about … Read more