Dream About Fighting, Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about fighting

Many peoples dream about fighting, and the first question came to our mind is why we saw such kind of dream? Is it related to our life or we saw something as a future prediction? All of these questions make us really upset because we believe that people do see true dreams as well. Stop … Read more

What Do Babies Dream About? Do They See Angels?

Do babies dream?

There is nothing more attractive than watching babies smile while they are sleeping. Most people think that babies do see angels in their dream, But Do babies dream about angels? Let’s find out the truth about it. Babies show fleeting smiles while sleeping, especially within the first few days after birth, but there is no … Read more

Dreaming About Trains, Meaning and Symbolism

train dream meaning

Train dream meaning Trains are a vital transportation mode for several people. Many countries have train transportation or really transportation as one of their main modes of transportation. Trains are used to transport both passengers and cargo. Moreover, they are also used to transport animals from one point to another. So by this small definition, … Read more

False Awakening, What Are They and How Are They Useful?

False awakening bed room

Have you ever tried to wake up, but every time you tried to wake up your experience repeated itself? This is what you call a false awakening (FA). False awakenings are interesting and important to know what they are because you can become lucid of them. What are false awakenings? A false awakening is an … Read more

Apocalypse Dreams, Meaning and Symbolism

Apocalypse dreams

Apocalypse dreams Apocalypse is a defined term for the end of the world. That is mentioned in the bible. In other words, that can be considered as a total and final destruction of our world. Now what happens and what does it mean if you see an apocalypse in your dreams. Just like any other … Read more

Dream About Ex-Boyfriend, Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend

Dream about ex-boyfriend You must have recently broken up with your boyfriend. Or it must have been months since you have broken up with your boyfriend. Now that they are your ex. You suddenly had a dream your ex-boyfriend. Now you are completely confused as to what does it exactly mean for stuff does not … Read more

Dreaming About Elevators, Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about elevators

Elevator dream meaning Any video samples of going from one floor to another easily faster are always found in high-rise and skyscraper buildings. They are essential in transporting items and people easily and in lesser time. But what will happen if you see an invader in your room. Does not mean a good or a … Read more

Dreaming About Blood, Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about blood

Blood dream meaning Blood plays an essential role in our body. It helps in so clearing all the vitamins and nutrients in another body. So that we remain healthy and function properly. Blood plays an important role in regulating the oxygen from our lungs to the rest of our body. So, we can see that … Read more

Dreaming About Wolves, Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about wolves

Wolf dream meaning Both are a type of carnivores that are like dogs. They are found in the Woods and in the deep forest. And especially in the snowy areas. Some people may have Wolves as pets, or some people may have Wolves as domesticated animals. But mostly when we see Wolves or think about … Read more

Dreaming of Rats, Meaning and Symbolism

Rat in Dream

Dreaming of rats What can be considered as a very annoying type of broadens? And the separate rodents are mostly just liked by everyone. But at the same time, these rodents are used for science experiments for making vaccinations for human beings. So basically from what we can observe from this much information is that. … Read more