What Are The Different Types of Sleep Patterns?

Polyphasic and Biphasic sleep

Human beings have something called a circadian rhythm that is internal. It is a behavioral and biological process that occurs every single day, basically a 24 hours cycle. Despite having something like this, what do you think is a correct time for a person to sleep at night? We all can’t deny the fact that … Read more

Hours of Sleep By Age

Hours of sleep by age

Do you feel tired all day long? It is possible that you are not sleeping enough. Read through this article to know the hours of sleep by age. How many hours of sleep you must have as per your age? Our seep requirements change with age. For proper functioning of our body and mind, you … Read more

The Power of Sleeping Habits

Sleeping Habits

Sleeping habits are such a thing that doesn’t remain the same for everyone. Instead, they vary from one person to another. There are a lot of factors on which sleeping habits can depend and these factors include age, routine, sleeping hours, etc. Also, there are a lot of things that are dependent on how you … Read more