Welcome to our blog luciddreaming.blog. My name is Jelle, and I am the owner of this site. My goal is to spread correct information about lucid dreaming for my readers.

I started this dream 4 years ago, with a lucid dreaming discord community Night Realm. Now I am trying to reach more people with a website. In the years I am practicing lucid dreaming, I have noticed that there is a lot of information out there on the internet, but most of this information is incorrect or not fully answered.

Every day I had people in my discord server asking those questions and every time they start with the same theories that they have learned from the internet. Every day I had to help those people find the correct information and giving them the correct way of learning lucid dreaming.

How did you learn lucid dreaming?

I was lucky that I was able to learn lucid dreaming from the best people in the lucid dreaming community. Some of those people you may know are Sensei, Hukif, Naiya who all did great things for the lucid dreaming community, and now it is my turn to do this.

I am by far not the best lucid dreamer out there, I have been struggling here and there to have solid lucid dreams, and that is why I think I am the best person to talk about those issues and how I overcome them. I am not a natural lucid dreamer, I am a lucid dreamer just like you. Struggling to gain the results you dream of. I am getting closer and closer to become a great lucid dreamer, and I am trying to become more solid in my lucid dreaming skills.

Why is this site better than others?

You are learning from someone who is a lucid dreamer, and not a random person who decided to spread wrong information about lucid dreaming or a health blog with a writer that is not even a lucid dreamer. I am certain that this site will help you progress lucid dreaming fast.

Become the lucid dreamer you want to be.