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How To Become A Lucid Dreamer

Do you want to become a lucid dreamer, but don’t know how to become one? In this article, I will explain to you how to become a regular lucid dreamer.

How to become a lucid dreamer?

With lucid dreaming, you have to start from the ground up. Start with the very basic thing out there, a dream journal. A dream journal will help you remember more dreams even when you don’t remember a dream you can still write down “I did not remember a dream” to boost up your recall. Dream journaling can be a big hassle, but I wrote an article about how to write effectively in your dream journal. You can read this article here.

When you started your dream journal, you have to decide what path you want to take. For beginners, the best path you can take is by starting with Dream Induced Lucid Dreams (DILD) Techniques. You should start making a reality check and starting with Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD)

If you are still deciding if you are going for DILD or WILD, I made an article that compares those two and shows the benefits and weaknesses of those techniques. Read “Lucid Dreaming DILD vs WILD“.

When should I start?

Lucid dreaming is a great thing to learn, but it requires dedication when you are not a regular lucid dreamer. Lucid dreaming has a lot of benefits and fun things to do, and I recommend everyone who has not started with lucid dreaming to start but when?

I learned long ago that you need good fundamentals first before you start doing techniques. Be smart and just dream journal till you have at least 2 dreams a night. Lucid dreams can be forgotten when you wake up. This is awful if it happens because you have no recall.

In the end, you decide when to start. Remember, when you start do not take breaks. No matter how harsh it sounds it will damage your recall or your chance to become lucid. When you have a dry-streak of recall, just write in your dream journal “I did not remember my dream” and continue with your day.

procrastinating to lucid dream
This is a bit harsh, but this is reality.

Do I need to know everything about lucid dreaming?

No, this can even harm your beliefs. There is a lot of misinformation out there. Talking about how sleep paralysis is dangerous and that lucid dreaming can kill you? People who start believing in this come in a loop, because the algorithms of social media see that you searched it, and they push it even more towards you.

You only need to know the fundamentals of lucid dreaming. People who don’t know what the fundamentals are cannot try to fall back and debug (see where they made mistakes). It is also handy to know what DILD and WILD are because all the techniques you do are related to those two methods. You can read more about those in my article DILD vs WILD what I already earlier in this article.

Is lucid dreaming a lifestyle?

No, lucid dreaming is sort of the same as learning a musical instrument. In the beginning, you are just practicing and it takes some time to get used to it, and then you are able to understand the instrument (or lucid dream). When you take breaks you forget certain chords or the ability to read music sheets. This also happens to lucid dreaming.

Everyone can be a lucid dreamer. You can’t see if a person can sing well or can’t? It is the same with lucid dreaming. You can’t see it until you ask the person about it. I asked a friend a year back about lucid dreaming, and he was practicing himself. I never expected this person to be doing this, but he was!

You always have people who act that lucid dreaming is a lifestyle. People who try to do every step in the book. This is not important. It is important to stick to the fundamentals. These fundamentals are:

  • Recall.

    Recall is an important factor in lucid dreaming. Without recall, you can’t remember if you have been lucid or not.

  • Awareness.

    Awareness comes with practice. If you are doing your dream journal, you will gain awareness, when you do reality checks you gain awareness, when you question the reality you will gain awareness. Awareness is key to DILD and the key to getting more vivid dreams.

  • Intention.

    Normally intention is not the main factor to lucid dreaming, but I found out that people who use intent are having an easier time lucid dreaming and staying motivated. Intention is basically saying to yourself that you will become lucid, that you will do a reality check, that you will wake up in the middle of the night for a wake back to back or that you will dream about talking to Elon Musk.

I have no motivation to lucid dream.

This is what you often hear in communities. People who lost interest in lucid dreaming or the journey is too long. This is avoidable by setting goals for your dreams. When you have goals, you will have the motivation to try to reach them. Dream goals are basically you staying dedicated to lucid dreaming. I always have a list of lucid dreaming goals. At this moment my lucid dreaming goal is to celebrate Christmas and making a hike over the Himalayas.

There is always a chance that this does not work. You can instead try this:

  • Try less.

    People who are trying really hard to become lucid can get tired of practicing. You can always try less. If you are doing reality checks, dream journal, wake back to back, and wake induced lucid dreaming all at once it can become a lot.

  • Think back to your first lucid dream.

    People who lost motivation often come back after a period of time, when talking about their first lucid dream.

  • Read or watch people getting excited about lucid dreaming.

    Go on YouTube or forums and read or watch people’s reactions to lucid dreaming. This can help you to get excited again, because you may be seeing yourself when you started lucid dreaming.

There is also a group of people who haven’t started yet but still have no motivation. These people should find something that interests them in lucid dreaming. Some people do not find anything in lucid dreaming, then just don’t do it. I personally think you will be missing out on a lot of cool experiences and fun.

Where can I talk with like-minded people?

When you are searching on google you can probably find some communities like the lucid dreaming Reddit or Dreamviews. My suggestion is to not go on those platforms. People can give you misinformation or the community is not as active as before. My suggestion is to go to discord communities. I also personally own a discord called Night Realm. There are often people online directly able to talk to you and discuss your dreams and help you with techniques. Discord communities often have a younger age group than these other communities, so be aware that there are people from 14 and people from 50+.

Final conclusion

Are you able to become a lucid dreamer? Yes definitely everyone can become a lucid dreamer. This doesn’t mean you have to follow a lifestyle. You only need to know the fundamentals of lucid dreaming and to keep dedicated and have the motivation to continue. Communities can help you learn more about lucid dreaming, but can also spread misinformation. I personally think this article is a great start for anyone who is trying to become a lucid dreamer and do not know where to start. I hope I have answered the most common questions in this article.

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