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30 Lucid Dreaming Goals, You Can Do Tonight!

I will give you all a list of the best lucid dreaming goals, you should try tonight. This list contains common and uncommon lucid dreaming goals and I will explain why they are fun to do.

30 Lucid Dreaming Goals

This list is not ordered from best to worse.

#1 – Flying

flying in a lucid dream

Everyone has to try flying at least once in a lucid dream. You are able to feel the wind around yourself and smell the fresh air. This is my go to lucid dreaming goal when I am out of ideas.

#2 – Sex

sexual in a lucid dream

This is a common goal everyone probably tries or have tried. Lucid sex is basically normal sex, but with your dream person to be with. Prepare yourself for a great night, because you will have one.

#3 – Going through walls

walking through wall in a lucid dream

I always loved going through walls in lucid dreams. It feels weird to go through it and watch how you just go through it like Harry Potter did in the movie.

#4 – Teleport

teleport in a lucid dream

Teleport is a great tool to go around the lucid world. You can teleport in multiple ways. Teleportation is not an easy thing to do if you not believe you can. You can teleport by using a door and walk through it and believe it is another place or you can use a mirror and go through the mirror. First I couldn’t do this, so I realized I could use the sea and make the world upside down and got at another location. Now I can just use a door.

#5 – Spawning a object

spawn a car in a lucid dream

Who doesn’t like to spawn an object in a dream? You want a car, spawn it! You can spawn anything you ever want. Spawning can be difficult if you don’t believe in yourself. Just grab something out of your pocket or make it spawn behind you.

#6 – Fighting

fighting in a lucid dream

Who doesn’t like a fight without hurting someone in real life? Some experts love fighting so much that they even made arena’s to battle them in and give them all special abilities based on traditional fighting techniques.

#7 – Singing

singing in a lucid dream


Ever wanted to be able to sing like an angel? That is possible in a lucid dream, you can sing like Adele! People who sing on stage often can use lucid dreaming as a way to practice on stage!

#8 – Playing an instrument

playing in a instrument in a lucid dream

Always wanted to play a symphony on your piano, but you can’t do it? In a lucid dream you can play this piece with ease. People who know how to play the piece but want to practice this, can do this too!

#9 – Superpowers

have superpowers in a lucid dream

Who doesn’t want to have superpowers? Be like one of your favorite marvel heroes, and become a superhero. Some people I know make a whole character design, and become that character every night!

#10 – Become the avatar

avatar the last airbender in a lucid dream

One of my favorite things to do! I loved Avatar the last airbender a lot and even rewatched it twice. You can be a firebender or the avatar itself. Fight others or explore the world of avatar the last airbender.

#11 – Become Famous

become famous in a lucid dream

Who doesn’t want to be famous for a night? Become famous and walk over the street and get recognize by people and give autographs! I don’t like to do this myself, instead I become the friend of a famous person and walk with him enjoying watching someone getting recognized.

#12 – Meet famous person

Meet Frank Sinatra in a lucid dream

Who doesn’t want to meet their favorite famous person? I met a lot of artists and a lot of movie stars! I enjoy asking them questions and seeing them makes me happy. Sadly the answers they give are not accurate at all.

#13 – Hack the CIA or FBI

hack fbi in a lucid dream

This is a famous lucid dreaming goal a lot of people had. Who doesn’t want to read the secret files of the CIA or FBI? There is even a myth that the CIA and FBI blocks those files in lucid dreams and in the astral realm.

#14 – Eat your favorite food

eat your favorite food in a lucid dream

Who doesn’t want their favorite food over and over again without gaining weight? I love to get meatloaf in dreams, since I don’t eat this often. I love it that I can keep eating until I wake up. You can also spawn chewing gum that taste like your favorite food. Now you can do 2 dreaming goals at the same time!

#15 – Drink your favorite drink

drink your favorite drink in a lucid dream

This is the same as the last one, but drinking requires a separate goal. You can drink your favorite soda of course or you can drink alcohol and get drunk. Drunk in dreams is extra intense, you will get as drunk or even more drunk than normal. One glass is enough.

#16 – Use drugs

drugs in a lucid dream

This is a special one. I have done this multiple times, because I want to explore how your dream would react. For me, it gets intense. Sometimes I think it is an overdose in a dream. This is a must-try to anyone who have done drugs or people who want to try it, but never want to do it in real life.

#17 – Meditate

Meditation visualization

Meditation in dreams is insane. Everything around me started going wild. Colors, random teleportations, dead silence and vibrations. This is basically the last stage of meditation.

#18 – Hiking

hiking in a lucid dream

I love hiking in the mountains but sadly I don’t life near mountains, so I lucid dream about it. Hiking in dreams is amazing, because you can hike for ever climb mountains and enjoy the nature without going there in real life.

#19 – Transform into something else

transform in a lucid dream

Transforming is amazing! Do you want to be a girl or do you want to be a male for a night? Yes this is possible! Some people love cats a lot. They become a cat for a night.

#20 – Learn a skill

basketball in a lucid dream

Are you practicing a certain skill, but want to practice in dreams? This is possible and you actually gain some improvements in waking state. Proffesional sporters are sometimes using this to practice their sport. I have read that a basketball player lucid dreamed and found out a new dribble technique.

#21 – Complete a dungeon

complete a dungeon in a lucid dream

Ever played RPG’s? These games often have dungeons. Dungeons are cave’s (often) where there are a lot of monsters you have to defeat for better gear or it is a quest. Who doesn’t want to explore a dungeon and fight a lot of monsters at the same time?

#22 – Go into space

go into space in a lucid dream

I always dreamed about going to space. I learned lucid dreaming and I directly went to space. Looking to earth and seeing all the stars make my day. I wake up the next morning and I can’t stop smiling. Some people go hunting aliens, but I have never encountered one.

#23 – Celebrate your birthday

celebrate your birthday in a lucid dream

Who doesn’t like to receive presents and enjoying a day when you are the point of interest? At least this time you get the presents you want and not those annoying gifts you are forced to place in your house, because it was a gift.

#24 – Watch old memories

memories in a lucid dream

Always wanted to watch your memories back from within a dream? This is possible! I love watching my old memories where I celebrated Christmas with the whole family and it was snowing outside.

#25 – Talk to your subconscious

subconcious in a lucid dream

Do you want to explore your own deepest secrets and get answers from yourself? Your subconsciouscan help you describe these to you. I am not completely sure if they are always helpful, but you can give it a try. The best way to do this is asking your dream characters for answers. They are basically your subconscious.

#26 – Do your homework

homework in a lucid dream

This is a weird one. Homework can be super boring, but imagine doing your history homework where you are part of the history! I don’t think this is easy to do, but if you are learning certain information and you need to remember this you can push yourself a little more.

#27 – Suicide

suicide in a lucid dream

Yes, this is on the list of lucid dreaming goals. Who doesn’t want to see what happens if you die in your dream? For me I had a weird sensation of vibrations, but I also heard people feeling nothing or just waking up.

#28 – Hide and Seek

hide and seek in a lucid dream

Play hide and seek in space, why not? Hide and seek was always a fun game to play as a kid, but now you can create a amazing hide and seek arena. Maybe you are the one seeking or the one hiding. Good luck and have fun.

#29 – Face your fears

face your fears in a lucid dream

Facing your fears is great to do in a lucid dream. Are you scared of height or are you scared for an animal? Face to fears by climbing up the Mount Everest or going into a beehive.

#30 – Play VR (Virtual Reality)

vr in a lucid dream

VR is a great thing that is being developed by oculus and HTC, but what would happen if you are in a lucid dream.

Learn how to lucid dream

Are you new to lucid dreaming and want to learn more about it? Read my articles about lucid dreaming and you will be able to do this every night. For people who don’t know what lucid dreaming is read my article about what is lucid dreaming.




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