What Do Babies Dream About? Do They See Angels?

Do babies dream?

There is nothing more attractive than watching babies smile while they are sleeping. Most people think that babies do see angels in their dream, But Do babies dream about angels? Let’s find out the truth about it. Babies show fleeting smiles while sleeping, especially within the first few days after birth, but there is no … Read more

Greatest Shows About Dreaming

Movies about dreaming

Want to watch movies about dreaming or looking for a show that can help you make your dreams more fiction, then these shows are amazing for you. This list includes: Inception (2010). Spirited Away (2001). A Whisker Away (2020). Over The Garden Wall (2014). Ghost Hound (2007). The Chronicles of Narnia (2010). Avatar (2009). Gravity … Read more

How Do Blind People Dream

do blind people dream?

The big question is can blind people dream? The short answer is yes they can absolutely dream, also I have had a talk with someone who is blind and is a lucid dreamer. Do blind people dream? Blind people can in fact dream and lucid dream, however people who were blind from when they were … Read more