Reasons Why You Have Vivid Dreams

Reason of vivid dreams

People might have vivid dreams for several reasons that depend upon individual circumstances. They may often find out that thoughts of the day might invade into their dreams. People usually experience these vivid dreams mostly during REM sleep or rapid eye movement sleep. What exactly are the causes of vivid dreams? Everyone dream while sleeping … Read more

False Awakening, What Are They and How Are They Useful?

False awakening bed room

Have you ever tried to wake up, but every time you tried to wake up your experience repeated itself? This is what you call a false awakening (FA). False awakenings are interesting and important to know what they are because you can become lucid of them. What are false awakenings? A false awakening is an … Read more

Meaning of Fever Dreams, and Why We Have Them

fever dreams

Ever had intense vivid dreams while you had a fever, it may have been a fever dream. Meaning of fever dreams. Fever dreams are dreams that happen when you are not feeling well, or when your body is developing a fever. The reason why you have them is that you are fighting with high temperatures … Read more