Is Lucid Dreaming a sin?

Is Lucid Dreaming a Sin?

Is Lucid dreaming a sin? Dreaming can be a double-edged sword. That’s because you can suddenly find yourself facing a terrible nightmare. On the other hand, you can find yourself facing an incredible and wonderful situation. In that case, you may be able to stay in them through lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is a possible … Read more

Interesting Facts About Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming facts

Lucid dreaming is real and that is a fact. This article will go over a lot of lucid dreaming facts, you may not know. Interesting Lucid dreaming facts The first facts are interesting lucid dreaming facts, in this article, we go over other facts as well. You can find those under these. 1. A lucid … Read more

How To End A Lucid Dream

end the dream

Lucid dreams are amazing, but can you also end them while they are happening? How to end a lucid dream? You can end a lucid dream by stopping breathing in a lucid dream, die in a dream or by opening your eyes in the lucid dream. It often happens automatically, and often this is an … Read more

Can You Feel Pain In Lucid Dreams

Still in lucid dreaming pain?

Pain is a part of life you may not want to have every day. Pain can happen suddenly, or you made a mistake, but can you also feel pain in lucid dreams? Can you feel pain in lucid dreams? You can feel pain in lucid dreams, and it is common. Pain happens like normal, but … Read more