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Dream Guide in Lucid Dream

You probably heard people talking about dream guides or maybe you found out that you have a dream guide yourself. I will teach you what a dream guide is and how you can have one yourself.

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What is a dream guide?

A dream guide is a dream character that helps you with lucid dreaming or is the person who gives information about your subconscious mind. Dream guides are often to guide you to do certain things or to convince you of something happening in the dream state.

Dream guides are often there to help you, but sometimes they can work against you. If a dream guide has the power to convince you of things that are not really explainable, they can easily end your lucid dream.

It is possible to have multiple dream guides, people often experience more dream guides when they are writing them down in a journal with pros and cons.

Benefits of a dream guide

A dream guide can learn you how to control your lucid dreams, but it can even make you able to become lucid. Dream guides are often helpful creatures that can get you out of a dangerous situation. They can become real friends in the dreaming state, this can benefit you every time you become lucid, and sometimes when you just have a normal dream.

Often dream guides can help you receive information from your subconscious, they can be the middleman or it could be that the subconscious is the dream guide itself, this is helpful when dealing with emotional problems, traumas, or similar issues.

How to have one?

Creating a dream guide is easier said than done, that is why I recommend you to just enjoy your lucid dreams. The reason why you should just wait until they appear in front of you is that there is a chance that creating one does not count as a dream guide.

A created dream guide could be there for a single dream, but it is often not recurring in other dreams. This still makes it a dream guide but is not considered beneficial.

You could instead ask your dream to lead you towards a dream guide and just ask the dream character if she or he could be your dream guide. Dream character can decide to ignore you or can act aggressively. It is even reported that telling a dream character that it is a dream, could make the dream turn all against you or even make all dream characters panic.

My experience

I had a dream guide myself, his name was Ookami. Ookami was often in 1 or more dreams a night. My dream guide was a wolf and helped me with personal issues in dreams. These personal issues vary from being socially active, dream relationships, dream friends, and even with work-related issues.

After a break from lucid dreaming, what you should not do. I did not see him ever again. As a keepsake, I tattooed him on my forearm.

Dream guide tattoo

Final thoughts

Dream guides are amazing, and if you come across one definitely become friends with it. Who doesn’t want someone that makes lucid dreaming easier?

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