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Complete All Day Awareness (ADA) Guide

Some difficult lucid dreaming techniques work like a charm when performed correctly. All-Day Awareness (ADA) is one of those techniques.

All day Awareness (ADA) is where you are constantly aware of the place you are in. You use all 5 senses to stay aware, this means: you smell the air, feel the movement, you taste your food, see what you are doing, and you hear your surroundings.

Five Senses

All day awareness can give you lucid dreams, better recall, vivid dreams, and a better understanding of the world around you.

You could call All Day Awareness mindfulness reality check. There are multiple ways to reach full awareness of the state you are in, but this is not needed for lucid dreaming. In this guide, you could expect at least one method per sense. It is not needed to do it all the time.


Being aware of touch is quite easy, and you probably are doing it right now. You may have experienced a lucid dream before and you felt that an object felt differently than you are used to, or you have experienced it in a normal dream. This can be trained to catch the fake feeling of the object.

Every time you are touching an object observe the structure. While doing this you put your awareness into an object and this can cause you to do it in a lucid dream as well, as you can see it works like a reality check.


Being aware of your own sight is difficult. You may be aware for a certain amount of time, but you are probably getting distracted quickly and start daydreaming about something else. This doesn’t make this a lot easier. Instead of being aware of your own sight, you could be catching yourself daydreaming instead. Every time you are lost in thoughts you can refocus on yourself.

Each time you catch yourself daydreaming you can make it work in your sleep. Every time you dream, you are basically stuck in your thoughts, now you can get out of those thoughts.

Now you can catch it in your waking state, you will surely catch it in your dreams.


You should not try to do this with hearing, this is extremely hard to pull off. However, blind people can use this easily because their dreams are often about hearing something or feeling something strange.

This means that every time you are distracted, try to focus back on your hearing. Observe what you hear and it will come back in your dreams.


There is a popular technique for smell, and that is meditation. Mindfulness meditation is basically all day awareness. With meditation, you are often focusing on breathing, and you could call it smelling for something over and over again.

You can learn more about this in my separate meditation guide for lucid dreaming.


This technique might work for someone who experiences a lot of dreams that relate to food. Taste is something you might never experience in a dream and only a handful of times in a lucid dream where you decide to make your dream goal eating something you love.

The best way to force awareness of taste is by observing the taste of food. However, you can make it an all day awareness technique. It is possible with chewing gum. Buy chewing gum that has taste for a long time. Examples of long-lasting chewing gums are Eclipse, Doublemint, and Dentyne Ice.

Now you may experience it in a dream and become lucid.

Fact: Did you know you could lucid dream from food?

Are there any results?

There is a lot of evidence that all day awareness works. For example, Gravity Reality Check (GRC) is basically all day awareness with the sense Touch. That technique got popular because it actually worked well for people. GRC made some people even able to lucid dream in every dream after practice.

The results may vary because everyone is different, this means that everyone has a different path they have to follow with lucid dreaming. If you decide to follow the path of all day awareness, be prepared to sacrifice a lot of time you could’ve put in another lucid dreaming technique.

To learn what technique to follow you need to be able to spot your strengths and weaknesses.


There are also some alternative all day awareness techniques that don’t follow senses but follow your emotions. Lucid dreaming is all about catching the dream state and being able to use it for your own benefit. This means that there are plenty of ways to find working lucid dreaming techniques.

The best way to find out what could work for you is to write down your dreams and think back on them. This means you are able to spot your strengths and weaknesses as mentioned before. If you are having a lot of emotions in your dreams, you could make this a lucid dreaming technique, or use it as a reality check trigger.

To come to the conclusion of alternative all day awareness techniques for lucid dreaming, you are one big all day awareness technique, and you are able to make it a technique.

Bottom line

Should you try out all day awareness? It is all up to you, if you find quick results important you should probably not try it at all. If you are looking for a technique that may benefit you in the long run, you should definitely give it a try.

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