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Complete Gravity Reality Check (GRC) Guide

Ever heard of gravity reality check before? This could be the best lucid dreaming technique out there and has promising results.

gravity reality check

What is GRC?

A gravity reality check is a check where you are questioning reality with gravity. This is a check you do all day, but it is not as time-consuming as all-day awareness.

Before I explain how to perform GRC, I would like to tell you the promising results people have with the technique and who created it.

Creator of GRC

The creator of a gravity reality check is called “Hukif“. He struggled with dreams looking too much like real life, and couldn’t find a solution to make his life better. He learned about lucid dreaming and tried to get lucid to make his dreams more dreamlike. After 8 years he finally found a solution to his problem. He found out that in his dreams the gravity is slightly off from the waking world, and used it as an anchor to fight his problem. Now Hukif is someone who is able to lucid dream in every dream using GRC.

Promising Results

The results of GRC are promising if you are able to put your own twist on it. For example, someone called Sensei used this technique with an anchor on emotions to turn it into an amazing technique that works for him and Mars who found out that thoughts could be a great anchor for gravity reality checks.

How to perform it?

A gravity reality check is a check you do all day to check the difference in gravity between the dream state and waking state. This could be done in many different ways, and I will go over some common ones you can start with directly.


The most common method is keeping your attention on your hands. You need to be able to feel every movement of your hands and everything you hold in your hands and try to compare it with the dream state. This is already fairly difficult, but with practice and a great anchor, you could make this work.

Feet or legs

The other method you can decide to use is to keep your attention on your feet or legs. In dreams, these could feel lighter or heavier than waking life. You have to be aware of it all day. The best thing about legs is that when you walk up the stairs you could directly feel the difference between a dream and the waking state.

Full body

The hardest one is the full body check. This is where you use gravity as a check for your whole body. This is the most difficult one because it is also the hardest to keep up with. If you decide to do this one, start with 1 body part and build your way up to your full body.

Anchors for GRC

It is important to have anchors for the gravity reality check, this is to keep focused on your check.

There are some great anchors you could use, these are:

  • Emotions
  • Thoughts
  • Dream signs
  • Daydreaming
  • Reality check

Every time you do one of the above (choose one), you should be able to re-focus on your check to be able to keep it up for a longer period of time. Everyone has a different anchor that works for them, so if I were you try to find out which one is most common for you. Mine is daydreaming, but others have a lot of emotion during the day and others are lost in thoughts.

How long will it take?

The gravity reality check often takes 2 to 3 months until you get results with them, just like a normal reality check. You will get used to the feeling of the check and it will stay there on the back of your mind all day instead of something you have to worry about losing.

However, staying consistent with this check is more difficult and can take up to 6 months until you are able to do it all day.

Can you combine GRC?

You can combine GRC with multiple lucid dreaming techniques if you like, the best ones to combine GRC with are:

Combining techniques could give you lucid dreaming results faster, and I would highly recommend you doing so.

Is this the best technique?

No, as promising as it sounds it is not as successful as other lucid dreaming techniques. It is even more difficult as Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD) because if you are not questioning reality with this check it will result in a big failure.

Someone I know did GRC for over a full year, but did not get it working and wasted a full year tunnel visioning at GRC. Keep a backup lucid dreaming technique to not harm your lucid dreaming progress!

How does it feel like?

It is hard to understand what GRC feels like. As you can know you are able to focus on something more closely than normal with your mind. If you are able to put this focus on your hands you are able to feel light vibrations or a warm feeling around them. If you focus too much on it, it could become annoying.

Bottom line

If you start with the technique, find out the best way to perform it yourself. It could take a long time until it works but if it is going to work you can make it work in every dream, and able to enjoy lucid dreaming to its fullest.



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