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How To Create A Mindscape

Mindscape is an amazing thing to have with lucid dreaming, you are able to make a world that you can enter in your lucid dreams and that can have the rules you want to have.

Dream world

What is a mindscape?

A mindscape is a world you make in your imagination, you can create it with visualization, or from within your lucid dreams. Mindscape is often called in the lucid dreaming community persistent realm or short for PR. Most advanced lucid dreamers have one or multiple mindscapes to enjoy a dream world created by themselves.

Mindscapes are not easy for beginner lucid dreamers, and I recommend you to be at least lucid dreaming once a week before you try to make a persistent realm.

There are 2 methods, on how to create a mindscape. These are:

  • Visualization. By visualizing the world and writing them down.
  • Lucid dreaming. By lucid dreaming and creating a world.

Mindscape with visualization.

Creating a mindscape with visualization is a lot easier than with lucid dreaming, this is because you have a lot more time to create the world, and it is easier to write down the details.

Writing down important information.

First, you should decide what kind of mindscape you want, do you want to have a huge mindscape or a small one. I recommend starting with a mindscape that is small but can be extended. For example, you can create a small medieval town that is surrounded by a mountain area, so you can extend it later with what is behind the mountains, or you can even let your subconscious decide what is on the other side of the mountains.

When you decided the size of your mindscape, you should decide what kind of world you want to have and what kind of rules there are in this world. You can make it easier on yourself by looking at movies you enjoy and use that as a base of the rules of this mindscape. Since we have for example a small medieval town, I am going to set rules based on Lord Of The Rings and Avatar The Last Airbender, because I love these shows.

Now I can decide the rules and write them down in a journal or on my mobile phone notes.

You are now almost ready to start creating the mindscape, but I find it important to have different kinds of species in my mindscape because I enjoy fantasy. I probably would use giants, dwarfs, hobbits, humans, elves, and the chosen one (Me of course) the avatar. You can decide to write down the strengths and weaknesses of these races, and how they will be as people.

With all of this information, you are ready to start working on the mindscape!

Visualization session.

This is when you should start creating your mindscape, this is quite easy when you are good at visualization. You may struggle with this part and you can decide to instead work on the creation of the mindscape in your lucid dreams.

I would recommend to have 30 minutes a day, or at least 30 mins every two days to visualize. You can do this before you go out of your bed before you are going to sleep, or during the day.

Step one: Try to do a relaxation technique to get in a state where you can visualize more clearly. I always do some mindfulness meditation before I start a visualization session.

Step two: Visualize an empty plot of land, and slowly decide where everything is, you can skip this step if you want it to be more random.

Step three: Decide what kind of building you want to have, and what kind of people live there.

Step four: Visualize yourself walking through the mindscape, and interact with the world. Try to set some visualization goals you want to achieve during the visualization session.

Step five: Write down your findings, and draw a map if you like to have a world map. You can decide to use Inkarnate, which lets you create your maps for free. They also have a paid plan, but there are lots of other sites available, that you may want to try out. Just search on google: Fantasy map creator, and click on one of the sites.

Night Realm Mindscape Map
Mindscape map from the event in the discord community

Start over and over until you think you are done creating an amazing mindscape.

Mindscape with lucid dreaming.

Often this is the way people start creating a mindscape because it doesn’t take time in the waking state. It can be harder to set up a solid mindscape because you can forget things you have done in your lucid dreams, and it will not be as perfect as with visualization. However, you can use visualization sessions in combination with lucid dreaming sessions to create an amazing mindscape.

Lucid dreaming session.

Often the people who start creating a mindscape in their lucid dreams, start out with creating a mindscape before writing stuff down. This makes it less predictable, and it can become a wonderful world you can’t imagine, or it can become a complete mess.

The best way to start is to spawn yourself or teleport yourself to a world. You can keep everything completely random and tell yourself that you want to go to a different world, that has some rules or laws you want to have, and that world will be there.

You can also decide to create the world yourself, by spawning or teleporting yourself to an empty world and create everything by yourself.

The best thing to do is to write everything down in detail when you wake up from your lucid dream. This may take a while, but if you forget an important detail from the mindscape you may lose the overall picture of it.

How to spawn yourself in the mindscape?

If you decide to make the mindscape with visualization, you want to get in the mindscape with lucid dreaming. This is quite easy, you have to spawn yourself or teleport with any of the available techniques. You can read more about dream control in my article about: How To Use Dream Control.

You can sometimes fail to get into the mindscape, you can decide to use Dream-Exit Induced Lucid Dreaming (DEILD) to wake up from a lucid dream and directly decide the dream scene to become lucid again.

Final thoughts

Everyone who is a advanced lucid dreamer should try to make a mindscape. This can be a lot of fun and it could be beneficial for writers, or artists to come up with amazing stories or art about your mindscape. You can also decide to keep the mindscape only outside of lucid dreams.


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