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How To Incubate Dreams

Dream incubation is where you are able to aim for a specific dream and try to execute it. This is an easy beginner-friendly technique. Incubating dreams is one of the most exciting things to do since it does not require you to lucid dream, while you can still enjoy the fantasy dreams.

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How to perform dream incubation?

First you need to have a dream goal you want to incubate. There are lots of fun things to incubate and I will end this article with some great ideas.

If you already know what you want to dream about, you can perform some techniques that all lead to the same outcome. The following methods are:

  • Intention.
  • Mantra’s.
  • Reality Check Mantra.
  • Visualization.
  • Meditation.

Lucid dreamers may already know these techniques, and don’t need to learn anything new.

How to incubate a dream with intention?

Intention is by far my favorite technique out there. Intention is where you set a mindset that you completely trust and believe in. this can be achieved with a single sentence or single emotion.

To achieve this with dream incubation is to set an intent on your dream goal. For example, your goal is to achieve a dream where you are rich and can buy anything and own anything you want. Your intent could be saying to yourself that you are going to be rich in a dream tonight.

Sometimes you will struggle with believing yourself, that is why there is another option, and that is called mantra’s.

How to incubate a dream with mantra’s?

Mantra’s is a great alternative to intention, and is often used to beginner lucid dreamers to set a mindset where they wake up in the middle of the night (WBTB) or to set a mindset to do a reality check.

You are able to achieve dream incubation by telling yourself over and over again before you go to bed, that you want to have a certain dream. I recommend you to stop after 2 minutes.

The results with both intention and mantra are not instantly, and sometimes takes weeks to work, but when it works you will be able to use it for anything related to lucid dreaming.

How to incubate a dream with reality check mantra’s?

If you have never heard about reality checks, you may want to read about reality checks first. You can read more about reality checks here: What is a reality check, and how do I use it?

Whenever you fail with intention or with mantra’s you should definitely try out this technique. Every time you do a reality check during the day, you are going to set an intention of the dream or a mantra.

This way you set a mindset all day, and pushes your subconscious to listen.

How to incubate a dream with visualization?

Visualization is by far the most fun way to incubate a dream. Doing this requires you to be able to visualize sight well. If you are to struggle with visualization you can try to improve it with practicing it.

The goal with visualization is that you are going to visualize the dream goal before you are going to bed. Go in as much detail as possible to push your incubation deeper in your subconscious.

If you are not succeeding with visualization well, you can do Intention or mantra at the same time. You can also do a reality check in the visualization, since this is part of MILD, and can help you get an increased chance to become lucid.

You can also enhance this experience if you do with meditation. In a more relaxed state you can probably visualize better than outside this state.

How to incubate a dream with meditation?

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Meditation is a great way to incubate dreams, because it also benefits you with lucid dreaming and give you increased chance on lucid dreams, increased chance on vivid dreams and also increased dream recall.

To do this I recommend you to do your meditation session before you go to bed. There you can use any kind of meditation that makes you relaxed. This can be mindfulness, visualization etc. I personally use mindfulness meditation where I focus on breathing. I do this until I reach a state where I feel completely relaxed, and then I use one of the other techniques to incubate a dream.

Great Incubation dream goals

There are tons of dream goals you can achieve, and I created a list of 30 dream goals. You can read those dream goals here: 30 Lucid Dreaming Goals, you can do tonight!

Final thoughts

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Dream incubation is great and you should try it. You can experience your fantasies without lucid dreaming. It can also help you with lucid dreaming, where it gains an increased chance to become lucid. To learn more about dreams you can check out my discord server Night Realm.

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