Stop Lucid Dreaming

How To Stop Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming can be a lot of fun and you can learn so much from them, but there are also people out there who struggle with them and learn nothing but pain and suffering. I will learn you how to stop lucid dreaming.

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What is the reason to stop lucid dreaming?

It may start early on in life, where you experienced a lot of nightmares or after a breakup between you and your partner. Lucid dreaming can also be awful for people who have PTSD and other mental illnesses and disorders.

The urge to stop lucid dreaming often happens to natural lucid dreamers. These are people who are lucid dreamers who did not need to learn many techniques and just happens to get lucids naturally.

A fantastic friend of mine, and probably the first person I talked to about lucid dreaming happens to have this issue himself. This is why I know exactly what worked for him, and probably also works for you.

How to stop lucid dreaming?

There are multiple ways to prevent you from lucid dreaming, and some may stop you from remembering dreams at all. If you decide to do this, you may struggle to come back to the same point as you are with lucid dreaming today. This is because you are going to change the mindset that prevents you from lucid dreaming or dreaming at all.

I will go over 2 methods that can prevent you from lucid dreaming or prevent you from dreaming. These are:

Change mindset with meditation.

Meditation can help you change your mindset and it can make you stop lucid dreaming. This method will take some time because you probably can’t change your mindset in a single session and it will take time.

To start with meditation you need to know how to perform it. Meditation itself is not hard, and you only need short sessions. The best way to meditate is that you are sitting comfortably. Now the only thing you have to do is focusing on your breathing for 5 minutes until you are relaxed.

When you are relaxed you can change the mindset of your subconscious easier. There are multiple ways to make your mindset change now. These are:

  • Intention
  • Mantra’s
  • Visualization

Change mindset with intention.

Intention is where you set an intention to do something or to not do something. Intentions are set with belief and trust in yourself, if you struggle with believing yourself you should try mantra’s instead.

To set this intention you have to tell your subconscious to stop dreaming or lucid dreaming. This may not work for you, and if this is the case you should tell your subconscious to be thinking a lot in your sleep. When you are overloading with thoughts in your sleep lucid dreams struggle to exist.

When you wake up in the morning you probably won’t be remembering anything since your thoughts are directly somewhere else.

Change mindset with mantra’s.

Mantra’s is where you keep telling yourself to do something or to not do something. Instead of believing in what you say, you just have to say in your head a single sentence over and over again.

To change your mindset with mantra’s to stop lucid dreaming, you have to tell yourself to stop lucid dreaming or to stop dreaming over and over again. I recommend you stop after a minute or two because from my experience it is enough to change something in your subconscious.

If this doesn’t work you can try overloading yourself with thoughts and then your sentence maybe “Keep thinking about …”

Change mindset with visualization.

Visualization is amazing, you are able to imagine anything and you can use all your senses to form this in front of your mind. With visualization your goal is simple and that is to visualize a dark void, where you see and feel nothing. This can incubate a dream that is basically a black void so nothing.

Stop lucid dreaming with reverse meditation.

Reverse meditation is easy and doesn’t require a long description. Your goal with this method is to be busy in your head all day and doing a lot during your day. This will make your mind tired and prevents you from remembering dreams.

Why should you not stop lucid dreaming?

Creating a mindscape with meditation

Lucid dreaming is amazing and it can help you in multiple ways. You are in control of those dreams and you can use them to heal your inner wounds. I personally believe that lucid dreaming can be a cure for most mental issues and disorders.

People who are for example depressed can have a world outside the real world where they can do anything they want and feel happy. Basically, you can call it an escape from the real world. This is why I started lucid dreaming.

I did not feel happy in the real world for a while and discovered lucid dreaming, and used it to heal my wounds. I learned from lucid dreams what I enjoyed in life, and made it my drive to achieve those goals.

Lucid dreaming is endless fun. You can experience anything and you can do it with anyone you want (well you can imagine everyone). If you are struggling with breaking up, you can learn how to deal with the pain, and learn how to make the pain go away.

What is the best way to do it?

I would say out loud: It is lucid dreaming.

Where can I learn more about lucid dreaming?

You can learn more about lucid dreaming on this site where I explain everything about lucid dreaming, and how to make your chances even better and more beautiful. If you are looking more for a site where you can ask questions, and learn more from others who dealt with the same issues as you. You can try Dreamviews. Dreamviews was a big forum and has a lot of free information out there. If you are looking for a more active community, you can try my discord server where there are 1500+ members who can help you answer your questions.

Final thoughts

I personally dislike the idea to stop lucid dreaming. I think you can learn more about yourself and your issues with lucid dreaming. When you are still not sure what to do, you should contact your psychologist and talk about lucid dreaming and your issues.


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