Dreaming About Bees, Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about bees

Dreaming of bees What does it mean? This dream could indicate your need to be occupied with something and not being able to relax. This dream could be a warning about exhausting yourself with a lot of work. ¬†Dreaming of bees could also symbolize someone or something which annoys you. You might also be pressured … Read more

Dreaming About Elephants, Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about elephants

If you see Elephant in a dream, what does it mean? And how it is connected to our real life? Oh, we don’t all love the elephant. We must all show such grace to this beautiful animal. Elephants are beautiful animals and we should appreciate their spiritual connection with us. Yes, elephants are strong, powerful, … Read more

Dreaming About Dogs, Meaning and Symbolism

dreaming about dogs

Have you seen a dog in your dream lately? Did your dream have an uncomfortable feeling or was it a happy dream? Dreaming of dogs what does it mean? The dreaming of dogs was so scary, you still wake up in bed sweaty. If you feel threatened by this four-legged friend in your dream, it … Read more

Dreaming About Ghosts, Meaning and Symbolism

dreams about ghosts

When we sleep, we have a lot of thoughts going on in our minds. We also heard a lot of stories in our childhood about a ghost or evil spirits when we dream about ghosts the first question comes in our mind is are ghost also around us in our real life or its just … Read more

Dreaming About Falling, Meaning and Symbolism

what does a dream about falling mean

Have you ever woken up sweating from a falling dream? Or urged in your dream to jump into a ravine? And what does a dream about falling means? These dreams take your breath away but are rarely negative. Often, they are dreams about falling show you that you can take a risk without danger. That … Read more

Dreaming About Owls, Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming About Owls

Did you dream about an owl? Owls are fantastic creatures to have in dreams. Owls are often seen in our dreams when we are dealing with hidden fears. Spiritually, owls mean wisdom. The owl is associated with our deepest “knowledge” and this is a wonderful dream to have. Owls often have very large eyes and … Read more

Dreaming About Cats, Meaning and Symbolism

cat dream meaning

Those who are close to their dreams are often close to themselves. And those who are close to their dreams may also know that those dreams can sometimes reveal things that we were not aware of yet. That is why it can be fascinating to try to explain your dreams! In this, we are talking … Read more

Paradox Sleep: A Psychological and Biological Perspective

paradox sleep

Sleep is considered to be one of the core functions of our body. We sleep to conserve energy and to regulate our behaviors. In addition to these functions, several recuperative activities may be accompanied along with our sleep. One such activity is rapid eye movement (REM) or paradox sleep,¬†which is also known as paradoxical sleep. … Read more

Reasons Why You Have Vivid Dreams

Reason of vivid dreams

People might have vivid dreams for several reasons that depend upon individual circumstances. They may often find out that thoughts of the day might invade into their dreams. People usually experience these vivid dreams mostly during REM sleep or rapid eye movement sleep. What exactly are the causes of vivid dreams? Everyone dream while sleeping … Read more