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Dreaming About Cats, Meaning and Symbolism

Those who are close to their dreams are often close to themselves. And those who are close to their dreams may also know that those dreams can sometimes reveal things that we were not aware of yet.

That is why it can be fascinating to try to explain your dreams! In this, we are talking about cat dream meanings and what symbolic role cats can play in our dreams.

dreaming about cats

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 Interpretation of cat dreams

As always, we should be aware that the most crucial factor in interpreting a dream symbol is the relationship we have with that symbol during the day, in full awareness. Likewise, our relationship with cats will significantly determine what our cat dream meaning.

For some, a cat is a sign of bad luck or nothing more than an animal that blows, scratches, and urinates. On the other, the cat can create a feeling of homeliness and coziness, or just independent and independence. The cat is often linked to the erotic and feminine; whoever has the song Love cats in his playlist probably knows what I mean. Or think of the whip of Batman’s lithe girlfriend.

So, read on – we’re talking first about the symbols we can recognize (and acknowledge) in our purring four-legged friends, and then about some possible dream scenarios.

The symbolic values ​​of the cat


That a cat doesn’t need and doesn’t need to see its housemates too often is something that cat owners seem to agree on almost unanimously. Aside from the few affectionate cats that roam this planet, you could say that the cat conjures up an image of a lonely, unbridled existence.


On the other hand, the cat can also evoke a sense of coziness. For example, imagine a cat curled up on a pillow on a stormy day. The exciting thing is that the contradiction between independence, as discussed above, and the domesticity we are talking about now can also be what the cat stands for. Everyone has a little bit of conflict between their domestic self and their more independent self. That struggle exists in each of us and can be addressed in our dreams.

Eroticism and the feminine

The elegant, sometimes almost subtle movements that a cat makes are often also linked with eroticism, especially with the feminine side. So, it may well be that the cat in your dream symbolizes your feminine side or the erotic aspect of your life.


The witch’s image with the (usually black) cat is known almost worldwide and is an offshoot of a series of much older beliefs, such as can be found in the Egyptians, for example. Cats are often seen as creatures that radiate enormous magical power: in one tradition, that power is gratefully accepted and used, while in the other tradition, the cat is avoided precisely because of its mystical character. So, in your dream, the cat can be a symbol of magic.

Resurrection or rebirth

The cat in your dream may well be imagining a rebirth. Don’t necessarily think about reincarnation, but rather about becoming yourself again – or becoming a new version of yourself.

Luck and misfortune

Depending on where you ask, a cat will bring good luck or bad luck. In one country, a black cat brings bad luck, but a stroke of white cat luck, in another country, is just the other way around. When trying to explain such a cat’s presence in your dream, however, it is much more important what you associate with the cat.

The clarity in the dark

Finally, cat eyes adapt effortlessly to the night can also play a role in your dream. For example, the cat may depict an insight into your current, dark-feeling state. You are, as it were, sufficiently used to the dark to evaluate your options with a clear view.

Dream Scenarios

In the overview below, several scenarios of your dream about cats or cat dream meaning.

You dream about a young kitten

dreaming about young cat

Like all young animals, kittens radiate innocence and purity. The fact that these are young cats also makes it more likely that the cat will be discussed here as a symbol for our inner fight between domesticity and independence: the cat already has that in itself as a symbol, but the fact that it is a cat growing up could mean that the cat is experiencing that fight too. So, there may be a double symbolism.

On the other hand, such a young kitten can also depict domesticity, with the joke that someone has to be taken care of in that ‘house.’ Therefore, the dream can also express care or be connected in some way to motherhood.

A gang of kittens that make everything upset, then color your dream with a need for focus: you cannot draw your attention to anything, affecting how you function.

Finally, this dream symbol can also refer to the struggle between the security that we associate with domesticity and the freedom of erotic desires. This can be about budding sexuality, but just as much about impending adultery or a change in the romantic aspect of our life.

You lost a cat

Anyone looking for his cat in his dream is also unconsciously looking for what that cat symbolizes. To explain this dream, consult yourself – or consult the list above. What does the cat mean to you? And what are you looking for? Then it is essential to determine for yourself whether you have lost the cat, someone has hidden the cat or is hiding it from you, or whether the cat has run away on its own.

You find a cat

The interpretation of this kind of dream is again highly dependent on your relationship with cats. Simply put, this dream means that you have reconnected with an aspect of yourself – which aspect it is, only you know!

A cat is attacking you.

When the cat attacks us, there is a particular threat. Since a cat does not immediately pose the greatest danger, it is also more of a subtle type of threat, possibly something that has been around for some time but you do not want to spend time on. If the cat is scratching, it is something that you are trying to suppress violently – if it bites, it is more likely to be something that you are firmly clinging to.

You play with a cat

This dream usually means that you are becoming familiar with a new aspect of your being. You got to know yourself better, and you are processing that.

Another possible interpretation lies in the need for playfulness and relaxation, or even the need to tackle something more lightly. You may be overly relying on a personal mistake or too fixated on how one trivial aspect of your life is not quite going how you would like it to be. We all do that sometimes!

You’re a cat

This undoubtedly captivating dream can mean a lot of things. So, try to bring to mind as many details as possible when trying to interpret it.

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Many of our dreams are just dreams. Sometimes a plan doesn’t mean anything, and that’s okay. There is no need to look in your goals for problems that are not there – instead, perhaps your dream, if you are lucky, can tell you about how you are experiencing your situation on a deeper level. And that can be very interesting!

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