money notes dream

Dreaming About Money Notes

Dreaming about money notes is a common dream sign. Often this can have an impact on your life, because what does the money notes mean?

money notes dream

Dreaming about money notes.

Dreaming about money notes means that you are having issues related to your financial stability, or that you are too generous with your money. It could also mean that you are an impulsive buyer or that you are deciding to buy something expensive with cash.

Dream meanings are often generalized opinions on the subject. I have dreamed a lot of money and these are my findings on money notes.

Spending with money notes

If you are dreaming about spending cash, it most likely means that you are on the point to make a big transaction with cash. This can mean that you are still deciding if it is worth it, or that you are wasting your money on something you don’t really need.

It could also mean that you are too generous with your money, you are giving away a lot of money to charity or to people who need it more than yourself, instead of paying your debts or bills. The dream is trying to tell you that you should maybe decide to give away less of your money to these instances and instead pay off your debts or keep some money in your savings account

Seeing a lot of money notes.

These dreams often occur to children or teens, this is often the case after watching programs like Donald Duck or Pablo Escobar. This can mean that you want to make more money and decide to work for it. Often teens want to earn more than they earn from their jobs and this can make it a reoccurring dream sign.

It could also mean that you are struggling with saving money and that you are struggling with paying your rent. This means that you are seeing your money notes getting taken away by someone. Often this person represents the government or the landlord.

Recieve salary in cash.

This dream sign often happens to someone who is thinking of receiving a bonus. The subconscious feels that the person is thinking about getting the bonus and your dream will represent getting your salary with money notes. This is the case because money notes often represent more value than a bank statement.

It could also mean that you are waiting for money from a certain sale you did online on eBay or any other marketplace, or that you are waiting for a company such as PayPal to release funds due to fraud of the seller or buyer.

Digging up money notes.

This is often the case of you wanting to become rich suddenly, instead of working for it. This dream often occurs after you bought a lotto ticket, or when you watched a movie or series about drug cartels such as Pablo Escobar or Breaking Bad.

The dream scene is often about a place not close to a town, often in a desert or an abandoned area where you digging up money near a tree or a bush.

Counting money notes.

It could be the case that you are dreaming about counting money notes. Counting money notes mean that you are willing to save up most of your money for a certain purchase. It could also mean that you are a wealthy person or a happy person.

It could also be the case that you are working for a store and that you are counting the money for financials and taxes, or because you are an employee of the company and have to count it for them. This can mean that you are tired of doing this certain task or that you are thinking of expanding something you have to build up.

Final thoughts

Money notes can mean everything to a person, it could mean wealth, happiness, anger, or pain. Often you are the one who can find the origin of the dream, and you are the best to unravel the story of the dream.

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