Are Menopause and Sleep Disorders Related?

Menopause and sleep disorders

Menopause is not a sudden process. But can we say that menopause and sleep disorders are related? In fact, it is the result of several gradual changes, which can take a few years to complete. Technically, it is not a period, but the exact date of a woman’s last period. But even for a few … Read more

Waking Up During The Night, Normal or Sickness?

Waking up during the night

Waking up during the night. Is it normal? Waking up during the night may just be a sign that we went to sleep uncomfortable, agitated, or bothered by something. However, if it is recurrent, it can be a sleep disturbance, more specifically, insomnia. Suffering from insomnia is not just having trouble falling asleep or waking … Read more

Does Down Syndrome Affects Sleep Disorders?

down syndrome and sleep disorders

Does Down Syndrome affect sleep disorders? Many parents say that their children’s sleep is a serious problem. It is very difficult to find really useful advice on how to deal with these difficult situations. In addition to disturbing the rest night of parents and other family members, issues related to sleep can seriously affect the … Read more

Is Shift Work Related To Sleep Disorders?

Shift working disorder

Shift work is a type of work whose objective is to continue production, using the continuous presence of teams in the same job. Is shift work related to sleep disorders? Changing the day for the night necessarily implies going against the biological clock, which is innate and is programmed so that, as a species, humans … Read more

Anxiety vs. Bad Sleep. Causes or Consequences?


Anxiety has a very close relationship with sleep. That is why we say that we cannot sleep because we are thinking about something else. We usually lie down, ready to sleep, and what happens? Our body temperature drops, the heartbeat slows down, the breathing goes deeper, and the brain begins to “shut down”. When we … Read more

Sleep Apnea, or Just Snoring?

sleep apnea

Sleep apnea, or just snoring? Nowadays, the incidence of shortness of breath during sleep among individuals is increasingly common. Sleep apnea is not just snoring. It stops being snoring and becomes apnea when there are noises and interruptions in breathing that are repeated, at least, five times in a period of 60 minutes. The person … Read more