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Dreaming About Bears, What Does It Mean?

Ever had a dream about a bear and don’t know what this means? This article covers it all.

Waving Bear in dream

Dreaming about bears.

Dreaming about bears is fairly uncommon and dreaming about bears is a good sign. It means that you are a loving person or taking care of others in need. Often bears symbolize your family, pay attention because maybe they have similar traits as a family member.

There are dozens of meanings and different dream scenes. All these dream meanings are based on a generalized answer, or out of my personal interpretations.

Dreaming about bears chasing me.

Dreaming about bears chasing me can mean that you are running away from something in your life, this could be fear, emotion, or from telling the truth. It is important where the dream scene is because this can have different interpretations.

If the bear is chasing you through nature, then this could mean that you are running away from telling the truth, or if you are getting chased by a bear in the city, this could mean that you run away from something you are afraid of.

Think back or read your dream back through a dream journal, maybe you can explain to yourself what you were running away from.

Dreaming about bears attacking.

dreaming about bears attacking can interpret that you are having aggression that you cannot progress, it could also mean that someone is aggressive towards you instead.

When it is the case that you have people who are aggressive towards you, it could mean that you are unbearable towards them. This can mean that you hurt someone in the process of work, relationship, or friendship. It could be a habit that you have or a moment where things went sour.

Dreaming about bears fighting

Dreaming about bears fighting interprets that you are showing solitary towards yourself. This can mean that you have been spending a lot of time alone and that you not spending time with others. It could also mean that you had a break-up recently and that the two bears represent you and your ex fighting about something that happened in your relationship.

Often if it is the case of a break-up you could see similarities. Is the bear acting like you would , or your ex would? Try to understand the secret message of the fight, only you can understand what happened.

Dreaming about polar bears.

Dreaming about polar bears represents persistence and power. This means that you are trying to get something is done that takes too much time and you want to endure it, or that you are capable of handling something that others in your community can’t do.

Polar bears are also patient and always have a good strategy. Maybe you are waiting for the right moment to do something in life.

Polar bears in dreams are rare, and often seeing them could mean that they are your spirit animal.

Dreaming about black bears.

Dreaming about black bears represents strength and authority. This symbolizes someone who is trying to get something done in life, this can be something that requires a lot of authority before you can finish this goal.

Black bears can also be dream characters because black bears stand for the conscious and subconscious mind. Try to talk with them in your next encounter or learn lucid dreaming and meet them yourself.

Dreaming about a teddy bear.

Dreaming about a teddy bear can mean that you are afraid of something or that you fear someone you met. This can represent you being scared and that you rather be safe like your childhood, or that you rather feel safe in your bed with a teddy bear than doing something you have to do.

This dream scene happened often to me when I had to do a presentation in front of a full classroom of students. This meant that I was afraid of doing this and that I rather slept with a teddy bear and forget about it than doing the presentation.

Dreaming about a bear cub.

Dreaming about a bear cub can mean that you are protective of your children or you’re younger family members. bear cubs may symbolize being overprotective to them.

Final thoughts

Only you can understand what the dream stands for and I recommend everyone to read back or think back about the dream and see what it means to you. Maybe then you finally fully understand the secret message of the dream about bears.


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