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Dreaming About Ghosts, Meaning and Symbolism

When we sleep, we have a lot of thoughts going on in our minds. We also heard a lot of stories in our childhood about a ghost or evil spirits when we dream about ghosts the first question comes in our mind is are ghost also around us in our real life or its just dream?

Sometimes those dreams are just dreams, and it stops at that, but sometimes our dreams seem to be more than that. They may seem to have something to tell us, and for those dreams about a ghost can be very interesting to look for an explanation. So, let’s talk about ghosts in our dreams, and what it can mean when a ghost shows up in our dreams.

6 different Dream Scenarios about ghosts

Below are some dreams about ghost scenarios where ghosts emerge and possible explanations for their presence. When it comes to evil spirits, we’ll give you some tips on how to arm yourself against their influence.

1. You dream about a classic ghost-white cloth floating around

If the ghost in your dream has no human characteristics and looks more like Casper the ghost than a possibly deceased grandmother, you probably aren’t dealing with a ghost from the afterlife. Depending on the further dream context, the mind can then mean anything. It can symbolize death or the fear of death. Perhaps the dream contains an element of acceptance, and a part of you has accepted that death is inevitable. What exactly your dream means, only you can say for sure.

2. You dream that you yourself are a ghost

Are you the ghost in your dream? Then this probably means that you feel invisible during the day and perhaps unnecessary. People may walk all over you, or your ideas may seem unheard. Remind yourself that you definitely mean something, and spend a little more time with people who do appreciate you!

3. You dream about a deceased loved one (without communication)

When the deceased appears in your dream, but it turns out to be impossible to exchange messages, the spirit may still try to make contact. By appearing in your dream, he or she indicates that he or she is still there. The fact that making contact does not work immediately may mean that you have to be more open to the idea that making contact is possible at all.

A good way to work on this is to have small conversations with the deceased when you are awake. This does not have to be two-way contact; if you don’t think you get an answer, that’s no problem. It is enough to think about the deceased from time to time and imagine yourself in his or her presence.

4. You dream about a deceased loved one (with the communication)

When the deceased shows up in your dream and you communicate with each other again, it could mean that the deceased is still watching over you. By appearing in your dream, he or she makes it clear that they are still there for you. If you are familiar with lucid dreaming, this can be a great time to become lucid and experience the conversation more consciously. You can ask the deceased questions, although most people who use this technique report that the ghosts have little or nothing to say about the afterlife. Use the moment to tell the deceased about how you are now, and the people around you. Perhaps the mind also has certain insights that he or she still wants or can share with you?

Another explanation, for people who prefer to view the world in a classically ‘rational’ way, maybe that you have pent-up feelings about the deceased. Perhaps you had a fight at the time of your death, you feel guilty, or things have gone undiscussed. Whether you believe that you are actually speaking with the mind or not, it can still be beneficial to reveal these things to the dream mind.

5. You dream about a dark mind

When you are visited in your dreams by a dark entity, in this case, a spirit in human or non-human form, it can leave a bitter, fearful feeling. These kinds of dreams are often marked by an oppressive, heavy feeling that remains the next day after slumbering. Perhaps the feeling that the spirit brought with you lingers in such a way that you will find yourself in a negative mood for the next few days that seems to have little or nothing to do with your current real circumstances.

That these dreams make you cramp in that negative attitude is actually quite normal. Still, it is better to get started with this, and it is best not to leave those feelings for what they are. When such a ‘nature bound spirit (spirits that cannot continue on their journey and continue to wander around the earth, looking for people who are open to their influence) chooses a victim, it may be good that he or she remains you Harassment. Whether the belief in these kinds of spirits is justified or not, we as writers leave it completely aside.

Imaginary shield

You are doing yourself, and maybe the mind too, a favor by working with the energy. One of the best-known methods is to build an imaginary shield, a dome that you pull around yourself at night that the mind cannot pass through. What that dome looks like, and even whether it is a dome or some other kind of shield, is up to you. Spend at least five minutes creating it, and do this as close to when you fall asleep as possible.

Burning sage, or frankincense, and casting a spell or prayer can also help. Whatever you do, the most important thing is to keep your goal in mind, and not to act out of fear. If you succeed, fill your shield with love – the evil spirit cannot live on it, because he or she lives off your fear.

Dream Interpretation: ghosts

dreaming about ghosts

When we talk about dreams about ghosts, we can mean a lot of things – especially when the ghosts are wandering in our dreams. Maybe we see a ghost that reminds us a bit of Casper the ghost, and the dream is rather harmless.

Or we dream about someone who has recently passed away, and the dream feels like a farewell or just maintaining contact across the different worlds. Finally, we can also dream about spirits that we do not know and have never known, and then the dream can take a dark turn.

Familiar spirits

When a loved one dies and we see them again later in our dreams, it is a clear sign to some that the deceased is still with us. The ghost, whatever you want to call it, makes one last visit to his or her next of kin or indicates that he or she is still there for them, even if it is no longer in physical form. These kinds of dreams are more common than you might think, and not everyone who has these kinds of dreams links them to a visit from the higher. However, you interpret the dream, being with the deceased can be very comforting.

Evil spirits

The emergence of dark entities, or evil spirits, is another matter. Rather, these kinds of dreams plague those who open themselves up to this aspect of life, and who value the idea that there is something to come after death. The fact that these types of people are particularly plagued by these dreams is not necessarily a sign that they are making up these things, or that they are so self-absorbed that they are haunted by ghosts at night.

It is believed among mystics that those who open up to these ideas are simply more prone to spirits, and therefore more easily contacted by them. This can result in beautiful dreams as described in the paragraph above. Unfortunately, it works both ways, and a spiritually active person can also be approached by spirits with less clear motives. However, this doesn’t have to be a disaster: there are ways to protect yourself from ghosts.


At night, when we sleep and dream about ghosts all kinds of fantasies are discussed that take shape in dreams. Fueled by what our subconscious processes during the day, our dreams help us understand the world and ourselves. It is an incredibly important aspect of being human to some.



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