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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone

You have probably noticed that most of the dreams you have, have people in them, you know, or have seen before. This is because all of your dream characters are based on characters you have seen in real life or on tv, the internet, or mangas. This makes it extra special when you dream about someone often and want to know what causes this.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone

Dreaming about someone means you are in love, depressed, lonely, did something you were not proud of, miss someone you lost, and being scared. You are struggling with processing this person and think of them constantly. You wish that you can return what you did wrong or what you lost.

Most of the dreams have no direct meaning, this is because dreams are your thoughts. You can find hidden messages in them that you could not see before. Dreams are the most important part of processing things, you have experienced in your life.

What does it mean that I dream about my crush?

This is the most common dream character appearance. It means that you are in love with this person, and you are too scared of telling this person why you love him/her. This can mean that the dream is trying to tell you, what you are missing if you are not with this person. It could also be a famous person, and then this is impossible to tell them.

The most common dream scene would be:

  • Date
  • Sex
  • Seeing that person with someone else.
  • Rescuing that person.

When you want this person out of your dreams, you should try to ignore that person, and not think about him/her.

What does it mean when I dream about someone chasing me?

There are a lot of occasions that I have been getting chased by people. Most of the time this means you are scared of this person and try to escape from the person in your life. Escaping this person could be impossible, and that is why it is hunting you in your dreams.

  • Running away and getting caught.
  • Running away and finally be free.
  • Car chase and getting an accident.
  • Falling down and seeing the person standing in front of you.

As a kid, I watched the movie IT (PennyWise), and I had daily dreams of this clown chasing me. To prevent this from happening I lucid dreamed and stopped him myself with my fantasy. The best thing to do is to confront this person.

What does it mean when I dream about family?

Dreaming about your family is the most common dream. This can mean that you love doing things with your family, you are getting annoyed by your family, the family is trying to help you. The reason why you see them a lot in dreams is, that you see them a lot, or you are missing them (homesick).

Most common dream scenes:

  • Doing random stuff with your family.
  • Meeting your family.
  • Dinner.
  • Old memories.

Family is most of the time the most important people in your life. It is important that you tell them that before it is too late.

What does it mean when I dream about someone that passed away?

This is something everyone has experienced before or is going to experience. You are missing this person a lot, and you are trying to process it. You often have this kind of dream when someone just passed away. This could mean that you couldn’t tell the person, that you loved her, that you cared about the person, or that you are never going to forget this person.

The common dream scenes are:

  • Happy memories of this person.
  • This person telling you something important.
  • Redo of the funeral.

These are happy dreams, but there are also dream scenes where you may see:

  • Seeing this person getting killed.
  • This person comes into your room like a zombie.
  • This person is chasing you and trying to kill you.
  • The person dies in your arms

Trying to ignore those dreams is going to be hard, and I recommend you to just try to process it, and go on with your life. This process can take a long time to heal. It could be wise to talk about it with your family members, this way you can process it faster.

What does it mean that I dream about my bullies?

People who are getting bullied can have a lot of dreams about their bullies. This means that you are scared of these persons, and want them to go away. This is quite hard for this person to process. It could also be the case that this happened long ago, and that can mean you haven’t proceeded with it and healed from the memories.

The common dream scenes are:

  • Old memories of getting bullied in school.
  • Leaving your house and realizing that they are waiting for you.
  • Seeing them getting bullied by someone else.
  • Getting attacked by the bullies.

It can be hard to process these dreams, the best thing to do is to talk with someone about it and find support from family or friends.

What does it mean when I dream about an animal?

Dog is lying on back on the bed


Sometimes you can dream about an animal you love or an animal you are scared of. The meaning that it can have, is that you are missing your pet, you are scared of this animal and think about it a lot, you are trying to escape this animal. The meaning of animals in dreams is hard to guess because animals can have different meanings to someone else.

The common happy dream scenes are:

  • Old memories of your pet
  • Petting your pet
  • Hiking with your pet
  • Playing with your pet

There are also some scary dream scenes, those are:

  • Confronting an animal you are scared of
  • Getting attacked by an animal
  • Seeing your pet getting hit by a vehicle.

If you have a phobia for an animal, the best thing to do is to confront it. This could be scary, and you can decide to confront it in a lucid dream. This is a dream where you are aware that you are dreaming, this means you are in control of what is happening in this dream.

How to find the meaning of dreams?

You can find out the meanings of the dreams you are having, this can be done by writing them down in a dream journal. A dream journal is the most important tool to remember the dreams you have, this is because you will forget them if you don’t give them attention.

The moment you write them down, they are there forever. Whenever you are having related dreams you can go over the dream you had before and the dream now to find out the hidden meaning of this dream. However, they can have no meaning at all. When you are sleeping your thoughts have to be saved, and to render those thoughts it gives you dreams about your thoughts you had the last days.

Dreams can mean anything, and the best person to find out what they mean is you. This is the reason why writing them down is important because you can find out yourself what they mean by thinking back on what you have done the last days and compare it with the dream.

Final Thoughts

Dreams are amazing and finding out the meaning of those dreams is amazing. Sometimes those dreams are not what you expect them to mean. It is important to find out yourself what they mean to you.


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