most common dreams and their interpretations

Top 8 Most Common Dreams and Their Interpretations

When a friend tells me about his dream, I am very surprised to hear that I have seen this dream too, so it proves that we all have the same and most common dreams. But the question is what dreams we have in common is their interpretation may also be the same?


The interpretation of most common dreams is not necessarily the same because every human being has his own personal life, everyone has different circumstances, so it is not necessary and the biggest reason for having common dreams is that we live in the same society and our problems are also same and that is why we get to see such dreams.

Some dreams are pleasant, but often dreams are unpleasant, disturbing, or even scary (in which case we usually call them nightmares). Not only can you wake up with a feeling of having just experienced something bad, through such a dream, for many people dreams also means something on a deeper level. Many people see dreams as symbolic, and sometimes even predictive.

In this list, we’ll take a moment to describe the most common dream scenarios and list their possible meanings. Do you recognize yourself in one or more of these dreams? You may need to read what could be causing them. If you find dreaming unpleasant, you may be able to tackle the dream yourself by fighting the underlying problem.

Here we explore the 8 most common themes in dreams and their interpretation:


Common dream Paralysis

When you sleep, and you dream of paralysis, little or no movement over your body, or about difficulties with movement. You are dealing with a so-called paralysis dream. This is a phenomenon that is not just a product of your brain, by the way. You experience physical ‘paralysis’ of your entire body during your sleep. This is a reaction in the body during sleep and is a very natural part of the sleep procedure. After all, sleep is meant to give the body and mind a moment of recovery. That works best with the body at rest!

Exactly how it works neurologically is not entirely clear yet. Still, in essence, your body wants to relax, and so your body ‘relaxes’ so that a kind of muscle paralysis occurs. Your muscles no longer receive the correct messages from your brain, so you cannot move them.

Incidentally, the symbolic explanation for this phenomenon is that the person in question experiences too little control over their daily lives. What can help us to create several things that increase your sense of control? Try to proactively arrange your schedule so that you don’t always run behind facts. otherwise, your dreams could get worse.

2.Broken equipment

Common dream Broking Glass

Do you have dreams in which your favorite mobile phone, laptop, or other equipment breaks? Or maybe something else mechanical or technical that decides to malfunction at the crucial moment? Recognizable? This, too, is not a curious dream. Thousands of people dream of such machine failure, someone every night, somewhere in this world. Most common dreams go like this: In your dream, you are the one operating the machinery, and the thing (whatever) suddenly stops working. It simply doesn’t do what you want it to do anymore.

Nowadays most people experience this dream in the mobile version, where it is difficult to call someone, the connection is lost, or every time your mobile calls a wrong number, despite your correct instructions. Annoying, of course, but what does this problem dream mean? The most logical explanation for this dream is that you subconsciously feel that you are losing contact with reality or that you have the idea that a part of your body is not working as it should. In the latter case, your subconscious mind sees the cell phone as an extension of your body, and the broken cell phone thus represents your body part that (in your opinion) is failing.

3. Missing a boat, plane, bus

Missing public transport or other ‘appointments’ is a very common theme in our dreams. Usually, you miss the appointment or train with only a few seconds or minutes of delay, and almost always, the dream comes with frustration. I’m speaking from experience here. This is my number one dream enemy.

Typically, this dream comes from unconscious feelings of exclusion (if you miss an appointment or date) or the idea that you missed an essential event in your life (if you miss a train or plane). Even just before you have to make an important decision, this dream sometimes wants to disturb your sleep, in which case the dream does indeed have a kind of ‘predictive’ value. Such a dream, of course, does not mean that, as in your dream, you will miss the opportunity, but it does indicate that there is a decision that you find very important.

If you don’t know what decision your unconscious dreams are spinning about, try to figure it out first. Then make that decision carefully and carefully consider all points of view of your decision.

4. Failure in a test

Do you dream of failing a test? Is it a school exam, and you suddenly don’t remember anything at all? This dream is recognizable, even for people who have left their school years behind for years. How does this dream usually turn out? One variant is not having time for the entire test. You try hard to take the test, but it is too much, or you are constantly distracted. Sometimes it is a matter of not finding the test room. You know you have to take an exam, but you can’t even reach the proper location! A third variant is that you are not prepared because you have not studied or simply because you forgot a pen!

What does this worry dream mean? Why does your brain develop such an absurd idea when you’ve been working for years and haven’t seen a classroom, let alone entered? The most common explanation is the unconscious feeling that you are not prepared for something. Your unconscious translates this unpreparedness into images that it remembers from the past and is often associated with uncertainty: school exams!

Does this dream haunt your brain every night? Then try to find out what the problem is in your daily life, what you might not feel prepared for, or what you think in the wrong place. When you think you’ve found what it is, try to make changes there.

5. Pursuit

Do you ever dream that you have to run from someone or something? Is it a monster, a person trying to attack you, or maybe an animal? Or is it ‘something that has no face or name, but in your dream, you know you have to flee from it, don’t you? That’s how dreams work. Logic is often hard to find. If not the most common, don’t worry; this is one of the most common dream themes.

The meaning is often that something or someone is threatening you in some way. This can be an enemy of yours that wants to harm you physically, but it can also be a very ‘abstract’ emotion that bothers you inwardly. Are you worried that someone is trying to steal your job or that thought in your head harms your health? All of that falls within the category of concerns that this dream can cause.

A solution to this dream is to find the source of the unrest. Visit yourself and your thoughts and try to find what makes you feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done because

your ‘consciousness does not know what and why it feels threatened. But you can try.

6. Bad or missing teeth

Also, quite common are teeth dreams. Not so much dreaming about a teeth fairy was giving money for your first baby tooth, however, if only so. These dreams are almost always horrific dreams in which you notice that your teeth or molars are rotten or even have fallen out. Sometimes you dream that when you open your mouth, teeth start falling out of your teeth.

Usually, this dream means that we are afraid of not being found attractive. That is a bit superficial for some people, but everyone wants to appear ‘reasonable’ in principle. Not only adolescents and young people, but also older people. For example, a person of 50 or older will not try to imitate a 15-year-old ‘look’ (usually not, anyway), but still, these people want to look ‘well-groomed’ too. Rotting teeth or even missing teeth are not included in this picture. So, a more profound level for this dream is the fear of being made fun of. Besides, this dream is often associated with the fear of losing power. Our own inability to control our own body (after all, the teeth rot or fall out without our control) is a very nasty thought and very disturbing.

What to do about this dream? Well, like all previous examples, it depends on the exact cause. Find out why you are so afraid of making a fool or losing power. Then try to boost your self-confidence. Think better about yourself, your ability, and your ability to appear ‘good.’ People won’t think you’re a fool! Unless you do your best on purpose, of course.

7. Being naked

There you are, in your dream, in your Adam’s clothes (naked). In a hectic location such as a school, square, elevator, restaurant, or wherever, you realize that you have forgotten to bring your clothes or wear the correct uniform. You are naked, in your pajamas, or in your underwear. This dream is occasionally in the variant that you see someone else in this situation, but usually, people experience this dream as their nakedness. The most logical combination of emotions with this dream are feelings of discomfort and shame.

This dream means that you feel exposed (not necessarily literally, can also be emotional). Something or someone close to you makes you feel like you don’t have ‘armor’ (clothes). They can see through you. You feel vulnerable and are often afraid to give too much of yourself away. It could be a personal emotion or feeling, or perhaps a secret that you should keep and not pass on.

Curiously, this dream is more common among people involved in a wedding party. But that aside. Usually, you can reduce this dream in frequency by working on your self-confidence. And if it’s a secret that’s bothering you, it might help evaluate how important it is for you to keep it a secret. Is it not to be shared with someone? Then it sometimes helps to ‘share’ the secret with a piece of paper. clear your heart and may help diminish dreams. Worth trying.

8. Fall

Common Dream Falling

The dream that everyone has experienced is the one you fall into. You experience this crash as something completely realistic is not only the fault of a good fantasy. Your whole body sometimes gets precisely the right ‘signals that the brain links to attacks. No wonder that you are ‘fooled’ by this dream! These signals are a decreased blood pressure and heart rate, and your brain has to do something with this information. They don’t know what, so they fabricate a fabrication, a fall dream. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes you dream of falling, period.

The most common cause of this dream is insecurity or lack of support from others or your environment. This dream may also occur if you feel overwhelmed by events in your daily life or if your life is so bad that you want to give up. If you have these kinds of dreams daily, it is time to counsel your own emotions and feelings and try to find out if you are experiencing any of the above problems. Also, try to seek support from your loved ones. Just telling your dreams and feelings of discomfort can help your body feel ‘more supported,’ and who knows, that alone might be enough to diminish your dreams!


These were the eight most common dreams. There are many more, and often a dream is a combination of these and many other elements. Incidentally, after one dream that bothers you, it makes little sense to immediately search for the meaning and try to solve the ‘problem.’ Since we dream every night (more than once), you will only be concerned with problems that way. When one dream theme returns every night, night after night, week after week, there is a reason to look at the causes. We hope to help a little with this list. Dreams may not be predictors of the future, but they are often helpful ‘indications’ of underlying stress factors.

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