Apocalypse dreams

Apocalypse Dreams, Meaning and Symbolism

Apocalypse dreams

Apocalypse dreams

Apocalypse is a defined term for the end of the world. That is mentioned in the bible. In other words, that can be considered as a total and final destruction of our world. Now what happens and what does it mean if you see an apocalypse in your dreams. Just like any other person for a start, you would wake up feeling extremely scared. Because witnessing your world around you just crumbling down is very horrifying. And since dreams are sometimes a glimpse of the future. What exactly can this dream mean? And what does it symbolize in your waking life? And most importantly, what you should learn from it.

In this article year, when we are talking about what does an apocalypse dream symbolizes. Or apocalypse dreams a good sign or a bad sign. Moreover, we will also be discussing some of the most commonly seen apocalypse dreams. And giving a basic explanation about it. But before we start off with the main content of the article. We will be starting off by giving you a disclaimer. It is encouraged that you read our disclaimer before you move on with the main article. However, if you wish to skip to your desired topic. Then feel free to Scroll down to your topic and start reading.


The reason why we will be finding very basic explanations in our article for the following reasons. We try to keep our articles and their exclamations very simple so that they are understood by everyone. A dream is a very diverse topic. Every explanation that needs to be given to an individual needs to be in great detail. To make accurate sense of it. However, since we are unable to get each and every individual request from our readers. We try to provide them with a basic explanation. That will allow them to have a good understanding of their dream and what does it mean.

There are several different factors in your dream that lead to their meaning and interpretation. But we focus only on the subject of the dream and try to give you information about it. Things such as the weather, people, your feelings, and emotions, etc. These things weigh a major role in interpreting dreams.

Apocalypse dreams symbolization

Apocalypse dreams usually symbolize the end of a phase in your life. For example, if you are finishing off a high school year. And enrolling in college. And the reason why you must have felt scared after the dream. It must be because any change that happens does make us nervous. But gradually we overcome it and deal with the situation. 

Different interpretations

Like we have mentioned earlier. Dreams are a result of several different things that are going on in your waking life. So if you are going to run emotionally up and down or anything that affects you mentally installed then you will have a dream about the apocalypse. Down below under this topic. We will begin my explanation along with the reason why you must have seen an apocalypse dreams.


Suppose you are going through an emotional up and down in your life at the moment. Then you will have a higher chance of seeing a dream about an apocalypse. Because in your waking life you must be going through a lot of things. Add one everything is going to be coming at you in your waking life to stop, and because of this, you see this dream. For example, if you are going through situations where you are dealing heavily with emotions. Then this dream is trying to tell you that you have a lot of emotions that are inside you. And these emotions are now coming up to the surface. You will often notice that whenever you make big decisions.

You tend to become emotional a lot. Because whenever we make decisions where we are unsure about things or such. We are then faced with the two emotions that we have suppressed overtime.

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Spiritual awakening

Your apocalypse dream must have to try to deflect the following fact. It must be trying to symbolize and signal you that you are developing awareness about yourself. Such as things in your environment. Basically, it is a sign that you are starting to develop an Association with your own psychology. And developing emotional intelligence along with connecting with your soul.

And the reason why you saw an apocalypse dream. It must be because the meaning of apocalypse is disclosure and revolution of several mysteries and knowledge.

Unable to let go of the past

The reason why you must be getting apocalypse dreams or had one before. It can be because of your inability to let go of the past. You must be holding on to some experience or a memory of the past. This may sound like a movie. But it actually is a thing. For example, your previous relationship or shifting from your home where you spent your entire childhood, etc. Since letting go of the past requires you to step out of the comfort zone. You must not have kept yourself to the options open to learning after being put in a new environment.

Alien apocalypse

If you have seen this type of dream, then it means the following. It means that someone must be taking away your opportunities or livelihood from you in your waking life. This dream might also mean that you will be replaced or someone else will be chosen over you. This can be for your work or school. You might think that the new people in your office might put your job in danger.

The message and the things you should learn from your dream is that. You need to learn to become or start to be more careful when it comes to working. And try not to make trivial or common mistakes or mistakes at all.

Zombie apocalypse

This kind of dream may indicate or symbolize a bad dream. Zombie apocalypse dreams are known to reflect despair in our waking life. Emotions and feelings of loneliness and hopelessness may exist in your waking life. You may also find yourself doing nothing because of these emotions. It can also be that. In your waking life. You are trying really hard to work on something. But you see that nothing can take shape. As in your hard work is not able to show its results to you even once.

What you can try out is that. You can try approaching a psychiatrist or a psychologist. And you might be able to feel much better soon.

Surviving an apocalypse

This is a good sign for you. Because seeing a dream about surviving an apocalypse means that. You will be able to successfully overcome the hustle. And the hardships that you are going through in your waking life. This dream is also able to tell you to remain hopeful and continue to be stronger. And eventually, you will run out it be more victorious over the situation. Another meaning that this dream is giving you is that. It is marking the upcoming new beginnings.

What should you learn from these dreams?

From the streams, you need to learn how to be stronger and keep going no matter what. Even though things may be impossible and difficult, over time, things will get better. And you will turn out to be a much stronger person than you thought you could be or thought were.

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