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How To Use Dream Control

Dream control is the most important thing to learn for lucid dreaming, you can control any lucid dream and extend the lucid dreaming state.

Spawning in pocket

What is dream control?

Dream control is where you can control your dreams, and you can change the dream state to whatever you want. You can do this by believing it is there, and by any other method that works for you.

Dream control is so important because with dream control you can do anything in lucid dreams. This is amazing because everyone has their own dream goals they want to succeed in.

Dream control with spawning objects.

The best way to control your dreams is by spawning objects in your dreams. This can be done in multiple ways and everything works if you believe in it. The most common techniques are:

  • Behind you.
  • In your pockets.
  • Behind the door.
  • Around the corner.
  • Underwater.

Spawning behind you.

This technique is done by believing the object is behind you, this only works if you believe in it. For example, you want to be able to control the dream with a time machine, you say to yourself “I can use the time machine behind me to go back in time”, this will work if you 100% believe that it is behind you!

Spawning in your pocket.

This technique works by believing the object is in your pockets. For example, you want to have a longer lucid dream. Tell yourself that in your pocket is a lucid dreaming pill that makes your lucid dream longer. If you believe that it is there, it will be there, and this pill will work. The only thing that can make things not work is when you think it is not going to work.

Spawning behind the door.

Want to go to another dream scene? This will be the best option to do it. Often when you become lucid you become lucid in your house. Now you can do it by believing it is behind the door. Want to go into space? Just go through the door and you are in space. This is a great thing to do for dream control.

Spawning around the corner.

Sometimes you struggle with spawning objects behind you, try to spawn an object around the corner. Want a car? Believe that there is your car there and have fun driving!

Spawning underwater.

Sometimes water can be amazing to use, this is a great way to spawn an object under or use it to go to another dream scene (world). This works like any of the above methods. Believe that there is another world on the other side of the water, and you will be at another dream scene.

Dream control with focus.

Experiencing short lucid dreams, and want to have longer lucid dreams? This is also possible with dream control. You can read about it in my post: How To Have Longer Lucid Dreams.

Dream control in waking state.

You can learn how to lucid dream with dream journals, reality checks, and meditation. these techniques also help you with dream control because you will have more vivid dreams and you remember more from your dreams.

You can also decide to learn dream incubation, this can help you set a dream scene before bed.

Final thoughts

Dream control is important, and it is pretty easy to execute. I recommend everyone to learn spawning techniques to optimize the dream state, to make it enjoyable for you.


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