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Complete Dream-Exit Induced Lucid Dreaming (DEILD) Guide

DEILD stands for Dream Exit Initiated Lucid Dream. DEILD is additionally sometimes called “Dream Chaining.” A DEILD is essentially a shortened Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD). You have the potential with DEILD to have multiple lucid dreams each night and extend your lucid dreams.

This technique takes advantage of the actual fact that as you awaken from a dream the brain remains in dream mode for some moments. Since your brain continues to be using REM waves, you will easily slip back to a dream without having to trick your body into falling asleep. However, if you’re at the top of a REM phase you will not be able to DEILD. If you hit the proper timing and are able to keep yourself conscious while you drift back to sleep, you will find that it’s relatively easy to enter a dream lucidly.

Basically, the best technique to learn as a backup.

How can I perform Dream Exit Initiated Lucid Dream?

I will put this part in multiple steps. Each time you passed that step you can continue to the next one. When you finished all the steps, you are able to perform DEILD.

Dream Recall

In order to perform DEILD, you need to have good dream recall, because with good dream recall you are able to remember the moments you become awake. The best way to improve this is by having a dream journal or by meditating before bed.

You can learn more about dream journaling in my article on “how to write a dream journal effectively“.

Awakening after a dream

When you have established a decent dream recall you can be able to remember the endings of the dreams. This still sounds hard to most people and that is why I love to talk about the 3 ways that improve the chance of you waking up during the night.


This is by far the best way to wake up during the night without hurting your sleep by using an alarm. Intention works by setting an intent on waking up during the night. In my MILD guide and VILD guide, I go in-depth of intention.


The second and most popular one is mantra’s. Mantra’s work the same as intention but instead of setting an intention, you push yourself to make it happen. This is why mantra’s are easier for beginners. These also are covered in my MILD and VILD guides.


This is by far the worst one to do because it can hurt your sleep and possibly can even stop you from sleeping at all afterward. Using an alarm is fine, but is not recommended for busy weeks and I would suggest you use intention or mantra’s instead.

Sleeping Cycle

Now you probably have decided what to choose on your DEILD attempts, when you are using an alarm please set the alarm 4 to 6 hours after going to bed and do not use the snooze function!

Alternative way

There is also one more way I haven’t covered yet because this requires a special place. You can teach yourself to see yourself waking up from sleep by focusing on your eyelids and this works as followed.

Before you go to bed, you look at your eyelids for at least a minute or two, and with intention or with mantra’s you can boost the chance of you noticing this. If you are able to perform this every morning when you wake up, you probably are able to do this with an extra boost of intention or mantra during the night and make you able to perform DEILD.

Now you know how to reach the realization of your waking up in the middle of the night.

Next step – What to do at the moment

Deild Closed eyes

The moment you wake up in the middle of the night, you have to stay as still as possible and do not try to move. This is because your REM waves are still active and if you move you will wake up your whole mind and body.

It can happen that you directly become lucid and you can enjoy your lucid dream, if you wake up after a lucid dream you probably continue the lucid dream you were having at that moment.

When you don’t have the luck and get stuck at this moment, you have to use the anchor to ensure yourself to become lucid directly afterward. There are many anchors you can use and I suggest you use:

  • Counting.
  • Visualization.
  • Focusing on breathing.

These three are perfect for DEILD because they are easy to remember and do not require any skill but only the focus that is needed to move back into a sleeping state.


Counting is relatively easy to explain. If you use counting as an anchor do not just count from one to 100 or 1000. Count from 1000 to 0 without a number, for example, the number 7. Every time you say this number you have to start over. With this way of counting, you probably do not lose any focus and will succeed in your DEILD.

counting numbers without 7
Example what I mean with counting from 100 to 1 without saying 7. 7 starts over


This one is kinda hard if you struggle with visualization. If you don’t struggle with visualization just think of your favorite location and visualize it in full detail. I made an article about Visualization Induced Lucid Dream and this explains how to practice visualization and how to perform it in more detail.

Focusing on breathing

Focusing on breathing can be difficult and I would suggest you try it at least. This one has no explanation needed, but remember to not lose focus on your breathing. Losing focus on breathing is really easy and with dedication, you will remember to focus on it.

Now you should reach your lucid dream or extend it.


DEILD can also be performed in a nap and some experts say that it is easier to do in a nap than during the night, because you are able to remember to not move easier. Whenever you wake up do not move and use an anchor. If you are not able to get into a lucid dream directly use an anchor until you get there.

What can I expect to feel at this moment?

In the moment of DEILD, you can go through some experiences and I will cover them here.

The feeling of vibrations during DEILD

You can go through a state of vibrations during the attempt of DEILD. Do not be afraid of this happening and don’t lose the focus of your anchor. This state is a common state and you probably come across this state a lot. This happens because you are losing the connection between body and mind.

Sleep paralysis during DEILD

It is possible that you will go through sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is completely normal and does not be afraid of this. You can easily make this a lucid dream by using visualization or by using another anchor.

Urge to move

Moving during DEILD is a make or break. You are allowed to swallow. Your body is often in an uncomfortable position and you may feel the urge to move rather quickly. Try to ignore this feeling, because this means that you are probably close to the moment where you become lucid. Often after this feeling ends you will feel the vibrations or go into sleep paralysis.

Step by Step DEILD

  1. Have a good dream recall to remember the ending of the dream or the feeling of waking up
  2. Set an intention, mantra, or alarm to wake you up during the night to perform DEILD or remember to not move when you wake up after a dream or lucid dream.
  3. Focus on your anchor and do not try to move and become lucid
  4. Enjoy your lucid dream.

Final thoughts

DEILD is a great technique you must-have in your lucid dreaming toolbox. With this technique, you can extend your lucid dreaming adventures and you can create new ones after the other one ended. Dream Exit Initiated lucid dreaming is used by almost every expert that was not a regular lucid dreamer.

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