train dream meaning

Dreaming About Trains, Meaning and Symbolism

Train dream meaning

Dreaming about trains

Trains are a vital transportation mode for several people. Many countries have train transportation or really transportation as one of their main modes of transportation. Trains are used to transport both passengers and cargo. Moreover, they are also used to transport animals from one point to another. So by this small definition, we do understand that trains are a very important part of transportation. But what if you see it rain in your dream. Does it mean a new start? Because since trains are associated with transporting things from one point to another. Can it possibly define that you are going to start off a new journey in your life? To find out answers to questions like this.

Keep reading this article. Because in this article, we are going to be talking about several important things and factors. That is going to give you a found understanding of your dream. And hopefully will be able to answer all of your questions and out as well. If you wish to skip directly to your desired topic for a stop, then do feel free to do so.


we would like to give a short disclaimer about the following explanations and discussions that we will be giving about dreams. It is really important to understand that dreams are different for everyone. And even though we will be talking about some of the basic factors that contribute to this dream. It definitely means that they are not 100% accurate. And neither of these explanations are going to be an accurate answer unmeaning for your dreams. Everyone has different feelings and attitudes towards the subject of the dream. That is why we give very basic explanations of them. Because some people might consider trains to be in neutral or a positive aspect for the store where some people might feel the opposite way about it. So keeping these things in mind, we have come up with very basic explanations. So, that it is relatable to everyone.

Train dream meaning symbolization

If you see our train in your dreams will stop then it symbolizes the following. Since a train follows a fixed path. Then it means that there is only one path for the train to go and choose. Suppose you see a train in your dream. Then it is said to symbolize that you care a lot about destiny.

Train dream meaning from a spiritual perspective

Sunscreen is a nonliving being. We cannot derive much of a spiritual perspective from it. But what we can understand or derive some information from it is that. Trains are always about new journeys and new beginnings. Whether it be your same old route from your workplace to your home to stop every day, you might come across something new even though it stays the same. A train marks a new journey, whether small or big, in your life. For example, if you are moving from one town to another through a train to stop then, it can be considered as a big meaning. Whereas if you travel from work to home and back and forth. It can be considered as a small journey. And also that you value doing things that you have an interest in. Over the things in which you do not have an interest.

Dreaming about missing your train

Suppose you see in your dream that you have missed your train. It is associated with the opportunities that you are being given in your waking life. But at the same time if you see that you saw a dream that since passing by from struggling means that you might possibly lose the opportunities in the future. These opportunities can be in the form of or for your occupation responsibilities. Such as a promotion opportunity.

Dreaming about hearing a train

In your dream, if you heard the train moving. But it is still on the platform. That you are moving in the right direction in your waking life. But at the same time, you are highly likely to miss out on several good opportunities in your waking life. At the same time if you see that the train is standing still but is still moving at the same time. And you still end up missing the train. Then it means that you need to start focusing on your own goals and objectives that you have for yourself in your waking life.

Dreaming of running for the train

Suppose you see a dream that you are running for the train. It can mean that you are going to be feeling or going through the ups and downs of your relationship that you have to stop these relationships can be your family or friends.

Missing an underground train or a subway

If you see in your dream that you have missed out on an underground train. Then means that the underground train was a depiction of your driving force. That is the energy that is going to help you in making decisions that will make your future.

But if you see that an underground train suddenly goes away despite standing still when you looked at it. Then it means that you have switched up or misplaced some important things over the others. For example, this can be from your job perspective or your relation perspective. At the same time, it can also mean that you have set up very high standards and requirements in your life. And the key to solving this issue is very simple first of all you need to do is to start to decrease your high expectations and requirements from things and people in your waking life.

Then slowly and gradually you will start to notice things first of these things can be such as the following. You will start to receive and see more opportunities in your waking life than before. You will start to see things from a different perspective as well.

Dreaming about dimly lit underground train station

If you notice in your dream that you see a dimly lit underground train station. And you are not able to see everything clearly. As in your eyesight has been limited to seeing everything. Then it can mean that the train that you have missed due to this issue. The train is depicting the difficulties you find in your waking life. For example, if you use the underground train station to commute to work every day. Then the difficulties might be associated with your work or occupational responsibilities that you have on yourself.

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