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Dreaming About Dogs, Meaning and Symbolism

Have you seen a dog in your dream lately? Did your dream have an uncomfortable feeling or was it a happy dream? Dreaming of dogs what does it mean?

The dreaming of dogs was so scary, you still wake up in bed sweaty. If you feel threatened by this four-legged friend in your dream, it could mean that you are not meeting your primary needs. You feel helpless and weak. You are alarmed, you are not safe. Let me help you discover the mysteries of dog dreams.

Interpretation about dreaming of dogs

Interpretations about dreaming of dogs

Dreaming of dogs and their Physical characteristics in your dream. Dream scenarios with a dog in the lead

Our loyal, furry four-legged friends are known around the world for their loyalty, dedication, and, let’s be honest, loving tinkering. Yet some people are not so fond of dogs: they are more likely to see dogs as dangerous creatures with teeth and claws and are therefore more likely to be startled when a dog appears in their dream.

In addition to the two most famous intuitive interpretations, dogs also depict the process of domestication. Their ancestors, the wolves, were a lot wilder. The transition from a wild, untethered wolf to a loyal, domestic dog also has a strong symbolic value in itself.

We also know dogs as very loving creatures. They are not afraid to show their affection and do not mince words. Finally, dogs also have a highly developed instinct: just think of how your dog seems to feel when one of the members of his pack, or your family, approaches the house.

Physical characteristics of the dog in your dream

The size of the dog

The bigger the dog, the greater its symbolic role. For example, are you being attacked by a gigantic dog? Then you feel seriously threatened in your daily life.

Is it a small lap dog? Then the problem presented by the dog may not be that big at all. On the other hand, such a small dog can also symbolize care and security.

The fur of the dog

A dog with long, unkempt fur represents a certain kind of lostness or mystery. It can also be a sign of illness or carelessness. Short-haired dogs, on the other hand, are more likely to point to clarity and clarity.

Meeting a dark-haired dog could mean that you cannot trust one of your friends, while a red-haired dog indicates impending betrayal. Do you dream about a white dog? Then you might expect positive things from the future!

The teeth of the dog

When you see the teeth of the dog in your dream, those teeth can also tell you something. When a dog with healthy teeth growls at you and bares its teeth, you see the things you fear as more powerful than you. If the dog’s teeth are dirty, unkempt, or if some teeth are missing, you have the feeling that you can overcome your fear.

Keep in mind that what makes you anxious doesn’t necessarily have to be more powerful than you, just because it felt like it in your dream. Oftentimes, our fears take on unrealistic proportions – and in dreams, it happens very literally.

The kind of dog

A lap dog, with fringes like jackets, hats, or shoes, is considered a sign of narcissism and selfishness or superficiality.

A hunting dog in turn represents ambition, and the struggle or the desire to achieve your goal. By the way, we also include sheepdogs such as border collies.

A guard dog can on the one hand symbolize safety, but can just as well be a sign of insecurity. For the correct interpretation, pay close attention to the broader context of your dream!

A classic house dog like a Labrador or Golden Retriever, of course, represents homeliness and coziness.

Dream scenarios with a dog in the lead

Different dream scenarios in which dogs play an important role, and how to interpret those dreams.

You dream about an evil dog

dreaming about an evil dog

Angry, barking, and potentially aggressive dogs make for rather unpleasant, frightening dreams. But what does that growl dog mean?

On the one hand, you can see the dog as a projection of yourself. You may feel cornered and lash out at the people around you. Do you ever dare to show your teeth figuratively during the day? Then this dream may be a reminder to go through life more slowly, or more lovingly.

On the other hand, the dream can also mean that you feel that someone who is normally loyal to you can no longer or do not want to. The person has turned against you, as it were. Our advice? Talk about it!

You dream about a happy, excited dog

This dream carries a certain enthusiasm and can mean that you have the feeling of being incorporated and accepted into a new group. For example, has your work environment changed recently? Then this dream can indicate that you have finally found your way. Your new co-workers see you as ‘one of them’ – let that pack feeling come!

We find another interpretation in the enthusiastic nature of the dream. Maybe you are looking forward to something, or you are very satisfied with your current circumstances. Super!

You dream that you are adopting or buying a dog

This dream can indicate a feeling of loneliness. Perhaps you feel alone during the day, and the dog comes into the picture as a companion. You don’t have to rush to the nearest shelter or kennel right away: the dream can also simply encourage you to reconnect with the people around you. It can of course also be wise to expand your network by starting a new hobby or simply by talking to people more often.

You dream that you are a dog

As a dog, are you a member of a pack? Then this dream can mean on the one hand that you feel like a member of a group. On the other hand, the dream can mean that you would like to feel like part of a group. Here only you can make the difference.

Are you a solitary dog? Then this dream indicates loneliness.

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You dream about puppies

A dream in which you take care of puppies always points to your capacities as a caregiver. So, for example, if you take good care of a group of puppies, you feel like you have things under control. You may be responsible for others, and you know that you take that responsibility with care.

Is it a large group of wild, disobedient puppies? Then you may be questioning yourself, or you may feel that the people you are responsible for have no idea how much energy and time you spend on them. It may be advisable to discuss this: as a caretaker, you certainly have the right to indicate when something is not possible or if it is too much trouble for you.

You dream that dogs are coming in your way

Dreaming of dogs coming in your way If your vision does not show much other than an approaching dog, you should pay close attention to what that dog looks like and how he’s approaching it makes you feel. That dog can sometimes symbolize the future or upcoming events.

Is the dog running? Then it probably concerns something that you also see coming during the day and that makes you fearful.

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You dream that a dog is biting your arms or legs

Does the dog bite your limbs? Then you may feel like you have forgotten something, or you may feel less competent than before. The dream can also express a fear of such a loss and does not necessarily mean that the loss has already been suffered.

You dream that you are taking care of someone else’s dog

In your dream, when you ‘pet’ the dog of an acquaintance, family member, or friend, it could mean that that person trusts you blindly. Do not abuse this!

Are you unkind to your furry guest? Then you may unconsciously realize that you can be nicer to the owner of the dog. On the other hand, when you treat the dog very lovingly, this also symbolizes your relationship.


Dreaming of dogs are also one of the common dreams. sometimes we have a dream that lingers, a dream that felt like more than just processing of our subconscious. In those cases, it can be very interesting to analyze your dream. In doing so, you take into account the different elements that occur in your dream: the setting, the characters, the feeling that the dream brings with it.

All those things together can tell us a bit about who we are, what we need, and, ultimately, what that dream wants to tell us.

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