Dreaming about tigers

Dreaming About Tigers, Meaning and Symbolism

Dream About Tiger

You must have recently seen a dream about seeing a Tiger or a type of Tiger or even Tiger cubs. And now you are curious so as you know what can be the possible meaning of this dream that you just saw. Well, the good news is that we are going to talk about this dream of yours and give you the possible explanations for what you saw. However, it is just a small reminder. Our explanations do not guarantee the complete answer to what you saw in your dreams. Because everyone has different personalities and goes through different things and events every single day, and these events when they get converted into subconscious thoughts or unconscious thoughts, they have a greater chance of recurring or being seen again like a dream.

So, as you can see, there are several factors that contribute to what you see in your dreams. And that the explanations that we will be giving you in this following article are going to be more or less like a reference which you can take notes of. With that being said, let us begin with this article and start by explaining to you the basic things.

Dreaming about Tigers

When you see a tiger in your dreams. One thing you should be able to identify is the traits of a Tiger. They are termed as a raw form of energy, strong will power, and things related to pride. And as good as these traits may be. They may not be as confident looking always. It is because they also symbolize arrogance, absence of self-control, and even cruelty. A Tiger can represent both your feelings (conscious, subconscious, and unconscious) and even people around you.

What do Tigers symbolize in reality and in the dream realm?  

So, Tigers represent a very different meaning in reality and in the dream realm. As mentioned earlier, what you see in your dreams is basically a summary of what you have been going through and have been witnessing in your daily life. So, it is really important to differentiate between what do the Tiger symbolizes in your waking life and in the dreaming realm.

Tigers in the waking reality 

We can confidently say that a Tiger can be used for symbolizing aspects such as strength, courage, power, and ambition. Tigers can be referred two as being courageous or standing for the truth and justice. So, these are the following traits that can be observed from a Tiger in the waking realm. And even when we see a Tiger at the zoo or even on Television, we can say that they are reflecting personality traits such as pride and courage.

Tigers in the Dream realm

Now Tigers in the dream realm can have several different purposes and symbolization. Tigers as a spirit animal represent willpower, courage, personal strength, and several other factors relating to this. Many people do recognize Tigers along with Dragons as very powerful symbols that represent the balancing force of the commonly known Yin and Yang.

Tigers as a spirit animal 

Now, apart from Tigers playing a different role in the waking reality and in the dream world. It is also important to know the spiritual meaning of Tigers on what do they symbolize. So, from the point of view of a tiger being a spirit animal. Tigers as a spirit animal are said to how symbolizing and meaning such as strength and courage along with determination and independence.

Now, what do we learn from these three aspects of search as the waking reality, dream role, and spirituality in terms of Tiger? What we do observe is that hikers can be concluded to have common traits such as bravery, courage, strength, independence, and much more. So, it basically has to do something with the personal trait of being strong, in power, being able to face your fears, and things like that. So now we know what the Tiger symbolizes in these three different aspects. Now we can make some sense of the other of seeing a Tiger or a form of Tiger in your dreams.

Is seeing a tiger in dreams good or bad?

Seeing a Tiger in your jeans can symbolize either of these things. Because seeing a Tiger can be good. And by the good aspect of seeing a Tiger. It is said to have good health or good vitality and things such as that. And by the bad aspect of seeing a Tiger in your dreams. It can be considered as one of the following. It can be considered as very aggressive behavior or an uncontrollable urge. And also, the inability to control things in life like certain situations. In few types of dreams, which we have described and explained below in the next topic. You will understand a little bit about how a dream about seeing a Tiger can be good or bad or maybe just one of them.

Some commonly seen dream about Tigers

Surprisingly, there is an odd fact about dreams that many people might see in the same context. However, they might be in a different physical situation. They are seeing the Tiger and its actions or whatever feelings are associated with it are the same. With that being said, we are going to be talking about and describing the most commonly seen dreams about Tigers.

Tiger chasing you

If you have seen a dream about a Tiger chasing, you. Then it can mean that you are not ready to confront your own fears and emotions that you have present with the new. If the Tiger is chasing you in the dream, then it can also mean that you have emotions associated with anger with someone. And it is said that it is a possibility that it is a person who has a negative effect on your life.

Tiger attacking you

Seeing this in your dream that you are being attacked by a Tiger can possibly mean that your life is not going according to your plan or is just not going well. Maybe at work, you are feeling persecuted by someone who does not like you. In such situations, it is recommended that you start being careful so that something wrong does not happen to you.

Tiger cub 

If you see a Tiger cub in your dream or cubs, then it is good news. It means that you will have a lot of real friends with more emphasis on the real world. Nevertheless, you need to pay more attention to them. And it also means that you exactly know which people are the people who will never leave your side. So do show them that you have full confidence and an appreciation for their time and friendship.

White Tiger  

Now, if you see a white Tiger in your dreams, it can mean two different things. First, it can be having either a good or a bad implication on you. This dream can show that some of the essential problems that you are facing. Problems can be resolved in a sensible and best manner. Moreover, you can end up with luck. On the other side of the coin, it means that you must be paying attention to something that you are not supposed to be. And also, that you need to have a choice in order to differentiate between what is essential and important and between what is not.

Important points to remember

There are some important points that you should remember about why trying to translate or interpret your dreams about any topic. Because, like mentioned earlier, every person goes through different events and things on a daily basis. So, seeing a dream about someone or something might be influenced because of something that you witnessed or have gone through a certain time ago or recently. So, these dream interpretations are not permanent or a confirmed interpretation.


After seeing a dream and having a rough understanding of it. You need to have a self-reflection on your habits and behaviors is really important. Because dreams can help you find your fear or any problem that you are facing in your waking life. If you pay close attention to your dreams and practice self-reflection. You will soon be able to learn to deal with situations and your fears. Stay bold!


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