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Dreaming About Falling, Meaning and Symbolism

Have you ever woken up sweating from a falling dream? Or urged in your dream to jump into a ravine? And what does a dream about falling means?

These dreams take your breath away but are rarely negative. Often, they are dreams about falling show you that you can take a risk without danger. That it is time to let go of the old and jump into the deep. Who encourages you to jump and what do you find when you jump or fall? Soft ground? Maybe you will meet someone, who is it? What do you feel? Is it fear, relief, freedom? Important to think about after a falling dream: which leap can I take?

Meaning of dream about falling

dreaming about falling

Falling in dreams is linked to losing control of life. Dreaming of falling can be classified as a nightmare. This is considered a common dream.

Have you dreamed that you fell into a dream? Did you fall from a tower or just fell through the air? In short, falling is linked to our “control” over a situation in life.

To dream about falling suggests that you have lost control of your life.

What happens to our body when we dream that we fall and we wake up abruptly?

Tired from the day you finally lie in bed, you relax and the feeling in your legs and arms slowly ebbs away and they are pleasantly numb, your mind can no longer make the difference between being awake and sleeping, you are finally about to fall asleep and then suddenly you dream that you are falling and you suddenly wake up. You have felt physical like you have fallen and your muscles have contracted in shock. What was the matter now? Nothing to worry about anyway, because it is not a condition, it is just a phenomenon called a hypnagogic shock.

What does it mean when you have dreamed about falling into an elevator?

Dream about falling from the elevator indicates work difficulties. The actual sensation in the stomach at the sensation of falling indicates that control has been transferred to another. This can be in a work context or even in a relationship.

There is a focus on feeling too concerned about “performing well” in a job or relationship. There seem to be many situations around the dreamer that caused this dream. Maybe too much to do in life and not enough time to relax. As young children, we are taught to take care of our bodies from an early age.

When we injure our knee, we get a band-aid, every injury heals over time. Sometimes our injuries get infected. As adults, we sometimes feel rejected.

Falling into a dream can leave an unforgettable experience, sometimes the dream can feel vivid even though the fall is happening in real life! Do not panic. Although the dream of falling can wake you up with a cold sweat and eventually lead to anxiety, it is a very common dream.

When you wake up from a dream of falling do you feel a sensation?

You may suddenly feel an urge to get up quickly. Sometimes after such a dream, you can be drenched with cold sweat.

Seeing yourself fall from a height and land on the floor means that times will change quickly. To dream about falling over in a dream suggests that your subconscious mind is fooling you. As we have already established, “falling” can be quite common in a dream state.

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How can we link this falling feeling to real life? Why a dream of falling?

Many questions like this start to come to mind. You can’t overlook those dreams because they certainly affect real life. They are a complete representation of your life.

In your dream, you may have, dream about falling from the sky.

Fallen due to imbalance. Someone pushed you and you fell.

To see a fall in a dream does not always mean negative associations in life. Some “falling” situations are a sign of blessings.

What does it mean when you Falling from the sky?

It means that you will have a fresh start and find new ways that you do not see in waking life. Likewise, a dream trip can be a source of courage and confidence, helping you to get up from a depressed state of mind. This means you are on your way to the bright shining light.

What does it mean when you Falling from a cliff?

falling from a roof, or even falling from an unknown height; can all lead to anxiety and depression of the mind. But the nightmare is only limited to your dreams. Interpreting these situations in a dream has different meanings. If you fall or jerk before you sleep it can be frightening, this is quite common and indicates that you are losing blood sugar, many studies have been done on this feeling of falling before sleep.

What does it mean when you Falling out of a tower?

or building in your dream is a negative omen, in old dream dictionaries, it can indicate difficult times ahead, just like the tower card in the tarot cards.

Falling into the dream state may be due to misbalancing a problem in life, falling is not just the representation of imbalance, it is much more than that. It interprets that you have lost control of yourself. It means that you are losing hope and trust and the reason that you are not in control is that you may be afraid of losing a job, person, relationship, or valuable things.

 dreamed that you have slipped from a high place:

it means that you will experience a problem. Maybe you are emotional right now? It can also suggest a setback in life and you need to rethink the possibilities and options so that you can respond appropriately.

Falling out of a plane

Falling out of a plane is a positive dream and indicates a new start in life? If you dream that you are falling with other people who are acquaintances of you, you predict that they have the same problems and insecurities as you.


A dream about falling is the most realistic dream, which often occurs. Sometimes it happens that the body actually receives signals that the brain connects to traps, which startles you awake. Sometimes you just dream about falling. Do you suffer a lot from this dream? Then there is a good chance that you are insecure and have fear of something in your life that you cannot control. The cause of this dream is often the feeling of lack of support from your environment. Find out exactly what problems you are experiencing and seek support from others!

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