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Can You Die From Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is a lot of fun, and it has no consequences. You cannot die from a lucid dream and here is why.

falling in a lucid dream

Can you die from lucid dreaming?

You cannot die from lucid dreaming, because everything you do in a lucid dream is a thought. You can wake up crying, scared, or feeling sick, but there is a 0% chance that you die in a lucid dream. However, you can die in a lucid dream, but you will wake up after the dream has ended.

The other issues

There are other issues that may happen after a lucid dream and these are crying, sadness, scared, or being sick. Most of these things happen because you are dreaming about something in the past that has a strong emotional relationship with yourself. This can mean that you are dreaming about someone who just passed away or someone who is hurting you mentally or physically. This can have a bad result on you, you can start crying or waking up being scared or feeling depressed.

Being sick is another one. This happens, because you start to rest, and you may have caught the flu or food poisoning. You will notice your dreams of being super weird and not readable, like a headache. You wake up feeling sick.

Dying in lucid dreams

Dying is not possible from a lucid dream. There are dreams that are about dying or getting killed. I have experienced both of them.

There was a dream where I was in a motel and stayed there for the night on the second floor. I placed my luggage in the corner of the room and tried to fall asleep, I was not lucid yet. I heard a noise outside and there were people on the roof of the building, I realized to do a reality check and woke up. These people went through my window and glass pieces flew towards me. There was a guy with a gun and shot me through my head. I was dying, I felt insane vibrations, and no pain and woke up shocked. I died there in the dream, and nothing happened.

There was also another occasion where I was dreaming about getting a heart attack.

I was walking outside in a park and got a weird feeling on my left chest. It burned on my chest like something was on fire. I dropped instantly on the ground, and couldn’t move. There was no one nearby. I was going to die, and everything went blurry. I woke up in the dream and was in a black void with all my memories around me. and I died again in a dream.

What did others experience?

I have talked with a lot of lucid dreamers before I started writing this post. I will write some common dying dreams and what happened to them.

Getting hit by a car.

One person told me that he had a recurring dream that he got hit by a car. He did not feel any pain when this happens, but he will wake up instantly and in shock. Dying by a car in a lucid dream is probably the most annoying thing that can happen, because you may wake up, and have to start over again.

Crashing while flying.

There was a lucid dreaming event in my lucid dreaming discord, where we had a dream calendar, and every day we had new challenges people could perform. There was a day where there was flying on the calendar. The goal was to fly in a dream, but do it with a technique that sounds stupid, but could work in a dream. She used a pan as a flying device and crashed while flying with it. She flew against a big bird and crashed. After crashing she died in the dream and did not wake up, instead, she just reset the dream and tried again!

Shot by a gun or magic

This is a common lucid dream experience. They are fighting with people in dreams, and they may use guns or magic, there is always a chance that you are getting shot. They died in their lucid dreams and often feel nothing, feel vibrations, or feel pain. Pain is a kind of unlikely experience because you are in control of the experience. Dreams often end directly, or they extend the dream with Dream-Exit Induced Lucid Dreaming (DEILD).

Burned to death.

I had never heard of this before but some people had lucid dreams where they got themselves on fire by saving people inside a burning house. They died of their wounds or could remove the wounds directly. However, most people experienced pain in this kind of dream scene. This probably happens, because they have experienced getting burned by something before.

Final thoughts

You can’t die in real life in a lucid dream, but you can die in a lucid dream. It is amazing that we can experience this kind of lucid dreams, and it is definitely worth a try.



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