Still in lucid dreaming pain?

Can You Feel Pain In Lucid Dreams

Pain is a part of life you may not want to have every day. Pain can happen suddenly, or you made a mistake, but can you also feel pain in lucid dreams?

Still in pain

Can you feel pain in lucid dreams?

You can feel pain in lucid dreams, and it is common. Pain happens like normal, but often you can only experience the pain you have had before in waking life. You are in control of the dream state, and it is possible to remove the mental pain and physical dream pain. It is sometimes the case that you are having pain in real life, and this pain can sometimes come in your dreams.

How can you prevent pain in lucid dreams?

Pain in lucid dreams is preventable with dream control. Dream control can be used in a lot of ways, but for pain, you have to believe yourself. To prevent the pain in lucid dreams you have to say to yourself to stop the pain. This is not easy to perform, because you can fail. The reason you fail to remove the pain in the lucid dreams is, that you are not in the right mindset. The mindset should be that you should believe yourself 100% because it is a dream.

Say to yourself “Stop the pain!”, and the dream will answer. Sometimes this is not enough… You can instead spawn an object that can remove the pain. For example, go inside your pocket, and say to yourself “It is handy that I brought my painkillers”. Now you probably find painkillers, and when you use them the pain is gone, and now you can enjoy your lucid dream again.

Physical pain in lucid dreams

Physical pain is the most common pain in lucid dreams, this happens because dreams can be like real life. For example, you fall from the stairs in a dream. You can feel the same pain as you would do it in real life, but sometimes you may feel nothing or only vibrations.

Some people never experience pain in dreams, this is because they changed their mindset about dreams. They call dreams another world or an extra dimension. This may help to change the mindset of the dreaming state.

Mental pain in lucid dreams

You may have experienced a break-up, and you still feel the pain of this break-up. Dreams are made up of your thoughts, and often with break-ups, you keep thinking about it. This can have a big influence on your dreams, it can be even the case that you dream or lucid dream every night about the break-up. The best way to stop having those dreams is, by processing the break-up. It sometimes takes time, and this will keep having an effect on your dreams until then.

There has been a song written about this kind of a pain in lucid dreams. The song is called Juice WRLD – Lucid Dreams

Most common lucid dreaming pain

There are a lot of different kinds of ways you can have pain. These are the most common physical ones:

  • Falling. Flying and crashing down, the moment you become lucid.
  • Fighting. Fighting your bully, fighting for fun.
  • Bumping into objects. Bumping against a door or when you are trying to walk through a wall.
  • Burning. Cooking something, and burning yourself or trying to play with fire toys.
  • Bees, wasps, or spider bites.
  • Hot or cold (temperature). Walking to a snow world and freezing, or walking through the desert and burning.

There are also some common mental pains in lucid dreams. These are:

  • Break up. Breaking up with someone, and being tortured by seeing it over and over again in dreams.
  • Depression. Feeling sad about life happens in the dream state as well.
  • Nightmares. A dream that happens over and over again, and you can’t control it.
  • Phobias. Fear of something that can give you mental pain.

Can the pain in lucid dreams happen in the waking state?

It is possible to experience the pain you just had in a lucid dream in a waking state. I have had muscle pain in a lucid dream, and I woke up feeling the same pain. I also experience my finger bleeding in a lucid dream and the moment I woke up I saw my finger being dark red from the blood. It is the case that the pain starts when you are sleeping. The subconscious can receive that the person has muscle pain and then push it towards the dream state, when you wake up you may think it happens because you dreamed it, but instead you had the muscle pain before you even dreamed about it.

Final thoughts

Don’t worry about the pain you may receive from lucid dreams, because you are able to control it in many ways.

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