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Experience Lucid Dreaming Sex Tonight

Most people who learn about lucid dreaming starts with one big question. Can I have sex in dreams, and does it feel right?

Fading lucid

Lucid dreaming sex

Lucid dreaming sex is the number one reason why people want to lucid dream. This is the best way to experience sex even when you are a virgin, you can experience it.

Is Lucid dreaming sex good?

Lucid dreaming sex is almost the same as real life, but the experience can be a lot more erotic or you can have sex with people of your wildest dreams. Often lucid dreaming sex comes with wet dreams. There is also a chance that you get close to the experience and wake up, or it fades away.

How to have lucid dreaming sex

You can have lucid dreaming sex easily with dream control techniques but first, you have to be able to lucid dream. Learn a technique that works for you. I have made a list of popular lucid dreaming techniques you can try.

The best way to start a lucid dreaming sex scene is by going into a bedroom and believe that there is a person naked waiting for you. You can have sex with everyone you can come up with, even your waifu.

The biggest problem comes after it. A lot of people wake up when they get excited. I don’t believe this. Personally, I think you lost awareness of the dream state. Try to use grounding techniques that can help you stay aware of the dream state, such as:

  • Rubbing your hands.
  • Focusing on the things around you.
  • Focus on your senses.

If you still fail to have lucid dreaming sex, try to make it seem like it’s normal.

Can you have lucid dreaming orgasms?

You can have lucid dreaming orgasms that can be more intense than normal. Your body reacts the same as you would in a waking state. This means that you have a real physical response that includes increased heart rate, and often for males an actual ejaculation.

Is lucid dreaming sex cheating?

Lucid dreaming sex is not cheating, this is because often when you are lucid dreaming you probably have a sex dream with your partner. It could also be the case that you decide to choose someone else to have sex with, and I don’t think it is cheating because you are dreaming and not cheating with someone in the waking state.

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