14 Days Of LucidEsc

I have tried VividDream LucidEsc lucid dreaming supplement for 14 days, and I have documented my results and I will go over the everyday results of LucidEsc.

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You can buy LucidEsc here. This link will bring you to the Amazon page.

What is LucidEsc

LucidEsc is a lucid dreaming supplement that can help you with lucid dreaming. VividDream explains that this supplement helps you with dream recall, awareness and it increases the chance of you having lucid dreams.

This product has a lot of ingredients, these are:

  • Huperzine-A. Increases the length of REM and makes it easier to recall.
  • Alpha GPC. Gives you more focus and more energy.
  • Choline bitartrate. Helps your brain to reach organic substances.
  • Ginger root extract. Helps with eating, don’t know why they added this.
  • Cardamon extract. Lower blood pressure and makes your body more relaxed.
  • Magnesium stearate. Helps you swallowing the supplement.

I have tried this product for 14 days, and I have used it almost every day. I did not use any technique with it. However, I did write down my dreams in my dream journal and had already great recall of dreams.

What are the results?

The results I was having with LucidEsc were quite good. The results of the 14 days of LucidEsc resulted in 4 lucid dreams that were all lengthy and a couple of close calls where I woke up before I had to chance to enjoy the lucid dream.

Results per day

I received the product on a Friday afternoon, and I decided at that moment that I wanted to try the supplement for 14 days furthermore I don’t want to use any lucid dreaming techniques. I was having at that time 2 to 4 lucid dreams a period while doing lucid dreaming techniques that required me to wake up in the middle of the night to perform. These techniques were Visually Induced Lucid Dreaming (VILD), Dream-Exit Induced Lucid Dreaming (DEILD), Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreaming (MILD) and Wake Back To Bed (WBTB).

I have used the LucidEsc supplement prior to going to bed, and I used it most of the time 2 capsules.

Night 1 – The first night I noticed that I was more aware of my lucid dreams and felt more emotionally attached to the dreams, also I found that my dream was more vivid than normal.
Night 2 – The second night nothing interesting happened, I went to bed later and I slept less than 8 hours.
Night 3 – The third night I finally had some results with LucidEsc. I had a short lucid dream where I got aware that I was dreaming at the end of the dream. It was too short to call it a proper lucid dream in my book.
Night 4 –
Fourth night I only recalled some dreams, nothing interesting, and decided to take a break for one day and see if the results would change.
Night 5 –
I took no supplement this night, and just had some dreams recalled.
Night 6 –
This night resulted in my first proper lucid dream, I had a long-lasting lucid dream where I could control everything in the dream.
Night 7 –
Recalled vivid dreams.
Night 8 –
This night I recalled some long-lasting dreams that felt like days.
Night 9 –
No dreams recalled.
Night 10 –
Took no supplement this night.
Night 11 –
Had a long-lasting lucid dream that was over the whole night.
Night 12 – Had a vivid lucid dream where I could control the dream state.
Night 13 – Had some vivid dreams.
Night 14 – Had a lucid dream.

I was very happy with the results I had with LucidEsc, and I wanted to continue using this product but I felt that it could harm my lucid dreaming process and make me rely on LucidEsc too much.

Should you get LucidEsc?

I would not recommend beginners to get this product, because it can harm your lucid dreaming progress and makes you rely on this product too much. However, I would recommend lucid dreamers who are having some results before attempt it. It is a great opportunity to improve your dream control.

You can buy LucidEsc here. This link will bring you to the Amazon page.



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