Danger of Lucid Dreaming

Dangers Of Lucid Dreaming

There are no real dangers to lucid dreaming, and I will explain what a lucid dreams may cause. Want to know what lucid dreaming is?  You can read my article about it.

The dangers of lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming may cause problems, including:

  • Less quality of sleep. When you experiment with lucid dreaming you can have restless nights. This is because you are trying to do wake induced lucid dreaming techniques or use a wake back to bed. This will wake you up and you may have a hard time falling back asleep and can hurt your quality of sleep. To prevent this try to have a longer sleep period.
  • Confusion. When people have certain mental disorders you may be confused when you wake up. People that have psychosis may suffer from this.
  • Broken heart. People who recently lost someone or broke up with someone may suffer from lucid dreams or dreams that include that person. This can be a heartbroken moment because you wake up crying and I think that it is scary how your brain can explain something that deep to you in a dream.

What dangers of lucid dreaming can harm you?

Lucid dreaming is great for most individuals, but for people who have mental illnesses and disorders, it can be the opposite.

The danger for them is that they perceive things differently than us, or cannot deal with another thing that can affect their lives. For example, someone who has PTSD may struggle with the things that caused PTSD.

Lucid dreaming then has another effect on them, maybe they experience the event again or it gives them nightmares. They can learn how to deal with it, and learn more from it in lucid dreams. Everyone is different so the results may be the opposite, and it harms them even more.

If this happens to you, you should learn how to prevent lucid dreaming to prevent the issues to occur even more. You can read my guide on How to stop lucid dreaming.

The real danger of lucid dreaming

Most people say that sleep paralysis is the real danger of lucid dreaming. This is not the case, and it will not be harmful to anyone who doesn’t have any mental illnesses and disorders.

Sleep Paralysis will be a danger when you have issues, but don’t physically harm you but mentally. Sleep paralysis can harm you, because it may be showing you a problem you are facing in real life. This makes it extra difficult because you are unable to move as well. There are ways to prevent sleep paralysis to happen, and this makes it a lot less scary than it actually is.

I personally experienced much sleep paralysis and even had a long period where I had them almost daily. I learned to deal with it and came on the conclusion that they are not scary at all, and most are funny.

It is better to know what sleep paralysis is before you experience it. When you know how to react to sleep paralysis there should be no danger for you at all.

Danger of supplements

There is also a danger that is not related to lucid dreaming, but more about the supplements that you can use to enhance your lucid dreaming experience.

Lucid dreaming supplements are very popular in the lucid dreaming community. You can probably read a lot of personal experiences on the internet that show the good side of these supplements, but they also harm your lucid dreaming results and can harm you from side effects.

The danger of these lucid dreaming supplements is that they can destroy your lucid dreaming progress. It does not harm you when you use them occasionally, but more if you use them daily. Daily use can create an issue that is that you are unable to achieve the same goals without lucid dreaming supplements.

People who are using antidepressants should never use supplements because they often can’t work together and may have you experience things that you should not want. Such as:

  • Dizziness.
  • Nausea.
  • Headaches.
  • Stomach Pain.

These are the normal side effects of lucid dreaming supplements, but with antidepressants, they will be enhanced.

A friend of mine uses antidepressants and used huperzine-A, which is a lucid dreaming supplement. He told me the next day that he was vomiting all night.

To learn more about lucid dreaming supplements you can read my article about lucid dreaming pills here: Lucid dreaming pills, positive and negative side.

The danger of Lucid dreaming misinformation

Lucid dreaming has a big community that learns from each other. That is great, but there are people spreading misinformation out there and this can harm your lucid dreaming progress.

To be sure that you would not experience wrong information, you should try to ignore people that are not well known in the community. This may sound rude, but there have been stories that WILD only happen in sleep paralysis. This is completely false, and this is created by the community.

I am not saying that it is bad to talk with the community, but some things may be different from what it seems like. To be absolutely sure about your research, you should always double-check it on the internet. I suggest you use Dreamviews or my discord community Night Realm.

These resources may help you to understand what is correct and what is wrong.

You can also decide to get lucid dreaming information from YouTube. Most information on there is clickbait, and I should not suggest you watch it. I made a list of YouTubers that doesn’t give you the wrong information

1. Night Realm Community

This YouTube channel is created by Night Realm community members. I try to upload more often, but due to other issues, I cannot upload as much as I hoped to.

Link to Channel

2. Daniel Love

He produces high-quality YouTube videos almost weekly. His videos are clickbaity, but it gives the correct information.

Link to Channel

3. Tipharot

I found out about lucid dreaming by a video from Tipharot. He is creating content on all topics and often goes over it again to remove misinformation he may have said in an earlier video.

Link to Channel

4. Giz Edwards

He stopped producing lucid dreaming content, but his old content is great and more personal than the other two content creators. His videos are not clickbaity and the community loves him.

Link to Channel


The Benefits of lucid dreaming

Lucid dreams may help your waking life with benefits like:

  • More creativity. For me, this is the number one reason why I love lucid dreaming. I feel like I can be so much more creative! You can visualize better you can create wonderful ideas you normally could not have thought of.
  • Improved problem-solving. This is the opposite of creativity. Researches found out that lucid dreaming can make you solve problems with creativity (like a conflict with someone) more than with logic (such as a math problem)
  • Improving skills. With lucid dreaming, you can improve in skills. For example, you can play the piano decently but couldn’t read notes well. Lucid dreaming you can tell you a different way how the notes should play, and you recognize new patterns.
  • Less anxiety. Lucid dreams can help you to control nightmares. This is a proven therapy to learn and deal with these issues. Lucid dreaming can also help people who have post-traumatic stress disorder to show a different side from the issue.

Lucid dreaming Improved skill

Personal experience with lucid dreaming

After practicing lucid dreaming for a long time now I have seen some changes from my side. My biggest issue is that I found that I was more thinking than doing. Luckily I have learned a lot about myself and became a lot more creative!

Final Thoughts

Lucid dreaming is not dangerous for the average human being. Learning lucid dreaming is a lot of fun, and you learn more about yourself. Try to learn from the correct sources, and learning lucid dreaming will be a lot of fun.


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