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Dream Time Dilation, Extend Your Dreams

It is possible to time dilates in lucid dreams, and you can extend them to infinite.

Time dilation

What is dream time dilation?

Dream time dilation is where you extend time in lucid dreams. It is not proven that it is real, but it can be assured it feels like weeks passed by. You can expand time in lucid dreams by doing techniques that can slow down the time. such as the clock method or the spawn method and the counting method.

Time dilation will make you feel that your lucid dreams are perceived a lot longer, this does not mean you have a longer time in the lucid dream. You could compare it with Inception where you are a dream in a dream where every step feels like you are having more time to spend but in reality, it is as long as normal.

How to perform time dilation?

Performing time dilation is quite hard for people who are beginner lucid dreamers, it could also still be a problem for an intermediate lucid dreamer. Experts explained that they perceived the process with Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD), but then in a lucid dream. This does not mean it is the same technique but it can take the same amount of time till you succeed well. I will go over the clock method, the spawn method, and the counting method that has worked for lucid dreaming experts multiple times.

The clock method.

The time dilation method of the clock is quite easy to understand, but it could be hard to execute. To start the clock method you have to be lucid, preferably at the beginning of the dream. This could be best attained with Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD) or with Dream-Exit Induced Lucid Dreaming (DEILD).

The moment you got lucid you have to perform the method. It goes as followed:

Try to relax in the lucid dream with a breathing method or by meditation. The moment you feel relaxed you lock at a clock somewhere in the lucid dream.

Look at the clock and make the second-hand of the clock slow down slowly. Make it move every 2 seconds then every 5 seconds and then even every 10 seconds. You may feel the dream slowing down as well, and you may have a longer lucid dream if you can stay aware of the lucid dream.


The spawn method.

With the spawn method, you need to be able to spawn objects in your dream. You can read on how to spawn objects and learn how to spawn them. This method requires dream control. The first step is that you have to be lucid preferably with a WILD method, this is to be able to become lucid at the beginning of the lucid dream.

Now you have to spawn an object that slows down the time for you. The most common one is a watch that can make you slow down dream time. You could also decide to make a lucid dreaming pill in the lucid dream that slows down the time for you, or you can decide to spawn a machine that slows down the time for you. It does not matter what you spawn it matters what intent you put behind the object that you spawn.

If you put the right intent behind the object you will slow down the time in your lucid dream and the only thing you have to do is to stay aware of the lucid dream.

The counting method.

The counting method does not require any objects and it only needs your hands and being aware of the dream state. I would recommend being lucid at the beginning of the dream to make it work better. Preferably with a WILD method.

Now you are lucid you need to relax, this can be done by focusing on breathing or mediation. Now you are relaxed and you have to look at your fingers. They may look different because it is a dream, you can always decide to do a reality check to be sure. Start to slowly count down from 10 in your head, and slow down after every time you counted a number in your head. The intervals could be 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds. Every time you go down a number you close down a finger in your hands until you have no fingers left.

If you have done it correctly you are probably going to experience a long lucid dream that can last a long time in your eyes.

300 year long lucid dream.

A known lucid dreamer in the community called Hukif said he has experienced a 300-year long lucid dream. He was experimenting with time dilation to make his lucid dreams longer and longer until he got a lucid dream that felt like 300 years to him. In this lucid dream, he experienced a family that he had and slowly got older and died. In this lucid dream, he only remembered parts of the lucid dream-like they were memories far apart of each other.

He briefly explained it in a podcast we did, there were some audio issues.

Final thoughts

Time dilation is an amazing thing to learn because you can be able to make lucid dreams feel a lot longer. I have personally experienced time dilation as lucid dreams and in normal dreams that felt like I was gone for weeks, but it was only 1 hour.


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