Dreaming about fighting

Dream About Fighting, Meaning and Symbolism

Many peoples dream about fighting, and the first question came to our mind is why we saw such kind of dream?

Is it related to our life or we saw something as a future prediction?

All of these questions make us really upset because we believe that people do see true dreams as well.

Stop worrying about all these questions. This happens because there are so many issues going in our real-life or conflicts with other peoples, so we could see dreams about fighting due to our stress or personal issues because, during sleep, our unconscious mind may sometimes appear in dreams.

Let’s find out the answer to all our questions related to fighting dreams

What does it mean when you have repeated dreams about fighting?

Peoples who see Often dreams about fighting and waking up with a sudden shock and fear and then keep thinking about it all day keep wondering in their minds why this is happening, what is the reason behind all these dreams there are no such reasons on this and not too worried about it fighting dreams usually the symbols of you have a conflict with other in your real life or you have many desires and emotions towards peoples which you can’t express in your real life.

Dreaming about fighting

A dream in which you saw people’s other peoples are fighting because of you means they are mad.

Dreams about fighting Described

Now here I will tell you the little secrete behind the dream’s analysis. No one can say for you what a given dream means; that said, the only thing that can happen is discovering the substance in your dreams, which draws heavily on the dreams’ symptoms.

Here I will tell you some common reasons for fighting dreams and them as a symbol of your perceptions, which can help you interpret all your dreams and situations.

Dreams about fighting often pointed out:

Maybe it’s because of your internal struggle

One of the foremost reasons behind dreams about fighting is that someone narrates to a deep subconscious struggle like you have issues with your very close relations, and you can’t be able to solve those issues or maybe decide about your work.

Internal struggles can be short-term or long-term. If by nature, you are an uncertain person, this type of dream imagery tends to pop up more often.

Subconscious fears

Some fears take root inside us, which have a very bad effect on our brain, and they seem to scare us inside. Deeply held fears are often the cause of fighting dreams. For example, if you are afraid that your childhood secrets will not be revealed to everyone or are afraid that the one you love the most will not leave you. You continue to think about them all the time so your mind may plan a villain to fight against.

Anxiety is the reason behind all those fears. In the case of dreams, it’s imperative to look closely at the symbolic representation.


Do you have any phobia? For example, might be an intense fear of snakes parleying reaction towards Lizards; if yes, then your mind may be creating imagery that matches your phobia. Your subconscious may create a scene where you are fighting one, intending to build up confidence.


In most cases, the dreamer is facing some sickness. The creature fighting in the dream is the symbol of the state. Some people have terrible dreams about fighting; examples include Demons, wild animals.

Dreams about fighting and scenarios

Dreaming about fighting

There are several scenarios that peoples usually experience.

1. Dream about fighting demons

When you see a dream in which you are fighting with demons, you have insecurities and bad habits that you want to quit, and you are trying your best.

If either way, what is currently happening in your life, and you are looking for better methods to cope with those bad habits and pain.

2. Dream about fighting with a spouse

Dream of fighting with your husband is a wake-up call that warns about the fall of relationships, conflicts, troubles, and the costs of a past problem. It is not a very good sign to see your quarrel with your spouse. The dreamer may lose her spouse’s trust. A significant argument is a sign of long-lasting conflict, maybe a divorce. It would be best if you tried showing more attention to your spouse.

3. Dream about fighting and death

Dream of battle and then death is prevalent in peoples, and many people see the end of other peoples or themselves; it can be interpreted in many different ways. Death dreams usually have positive symbols like the beginning of something new or some closure or end.

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4. Dream about fighting while pregnant

Fighting in the dream while pregnant represents anxiety and stress. You may be sheltering some fear that you cannot be able to achieve your goal. The dream signifies masculine or animalistic aggression. You have to be more discriminating with the help to extract toward other people.

5. Dream about fighting with a friend

Dream about fighting with a friend is not a good sign, especially if you have a tough fight. You need to solve your problem with your friend; otherwise, the result may be impaired.

6. Dream about animals fighting

The dream about animals is fighting; this dream signifies that your friends are fighting, and you are trying to avoid that situation and don’t want to take sides because both are your good friends. If that is the case, then you should towards your fighting friends and express your feelings and discontentment at seeing them fighting.

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7. Dream about fighting with your family

If you have a dream about fighting with your family and your family is being angry at you, the meaning of this dream is that you have arguments with your family in waking life, and things need to be sorted out. This could also be a sign that you need attention from your loved ones, and you need support from your family.

8. Dream about blood during fighting

When you have this dream, if this happens to you or you see someone else bleeding during a fight, then this dream signifies you are you could get hurt because the people you love and trust may deceive you remember that someone who closes to you might use that opportunity to harm you.

9. Dream of killing people in a fight

When you have this dream its looks like a bad dream. Killing peoples in a battle in a dream means you are overcoming our worries. You have gone through the procedure of accepting and leaving all that is bad.

10. Dream of fighting with a teacher

If you saw a dream that you are fighting with your teacher, that could be due to the subject’s unlikeness or due to bad grades in the same topic, so due to all these things, when we sleep at night, people see such dreams. But teachers are like soul fathers so whatever they do is beneficial for us. We need to be calm after seeing such dreams and try to figure out the proper solution.


We see all such dreams due to our ongoing situations or focusing too much on particular things.

So, it happens with many peoples; we need to be calm and figure out our problems causing stress. According to research, stress-free people do see good dreams while sleeping.

If you have questions you can ask us in the comments.

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