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How Long Should I Sleep To Lucid Dream?

How long should you sleep to lucid dream? The best result is that you should sleep for 8 hours at least to gain the greatest benefits of REM sleep and recall.

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How long should I sleep?

The amount of sleep you need to lucid dream does not matter, because you are able to lucid dream in naps and in short periods of sleeping, but sleeping for 8 hours or more gives you an extra boost to be able to lucid dream and have an increased dream recall.

Sleep is important to lucid dream, it is almost impossible to lucid dream from awake to sleep without a Wake Back To Bed (WBTB). That’s why you have to try to get as much REM sleep you can get, because REM sleep gives you an increased chance to lucid dream, but also give you more vivid dreams.

When should I sleep?

It is important to sleep with a sleeping schedule, this is because you can have an increased chance while sleeping at the same time over and over again. It is best to have your sleep from 10-11pm till 7-8am to be still productive during the day. You could extend the time frame and change it up a bit, but it is important to sleep at least 8 hours!

Sometimes it is hard to have a good sleep schedule because you may be work late or you are having regular days that you are going out or do stuff during the late evenings. It is then important to keep waking up at the same time as you are normally wake up, this is because you don’t want to change up your sleep schedule a lot.

If you work during the night it is clever to sleep directly after your work shift, this can help you fall asleep quickly, but often you will have less recall and REM because humankind is not a night animal.

When should I wake up?

You can decide to wake up during the night to increase your chance to become lucid, this is called a Wake Back To Bed (WBTB). WBTB can help you lucid dream, you only need to wake up during the night using an alarm, use intention, or a mantra. You can read more about it in the WBTB guide.

It is also important to wake up early in the morning, you may think I sound crazy but waking up early means that you can enjoy your daytime longer, and be more productive during the day. The morning is the best time to do things because most of the time your brain is most active during the morning and can pick up more than during the afternoon or evening.

How can I reset my sleep schedule?

You can reset your sleeping schedule by not sleeping for 24 hours and using and going to bed at the time you want to go to bed. Then set an alarm to wake you up at the time you want to wake up. Keep sleeping at the same time after that and keep using an alarm for at least a week to get used to waking up at that time. This will help you reset your sleep schedule.

It could also be an issue if you can’t sleep longer than 6 hours a night, this could mean that you don’t need the required 8 hours of sleep anymore to be well-rested. The best thing to do is to start meditation to increase your REM, more vivid dreams, and increased recall.

Final thoughts

Lucid dreaming is amazing and sleeping with a schedule is important for it. Sleep schedule is one 0f the fundamentals of lucid dreaming, and everyone should be able to do it, one way or another.

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