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Benefits Of Waking Up Early

Waking up early can be almost like a sacrifice for some or a way to be more productive during the day for others.

What matters is the quality

It is likely that you have heard or read somewhere that sleep deprivation can have consequences such as lack of concentration, tiredness, and increased chances of having obesity, diabetes, and other health problems.

Despite this, not being a lie is important to remember that the other side of the truth is also true: too much sleep can be harmful to our life.

Lack or excess sleep can impact heart health. Those who sleep little or too much are more at risk of developing or even dying from arterial disease or stroke.

Wake up too early or just sleep a little?

The answer to the question above is simple: the way is to get enough sleep for your body to rest without scarcity or exaggeration.

Have you ever thought about waking up at 4 am to read emails from work and, after 1 hour of doing so, going to the gym to do physical exercises to relieve stress?

This is the moment when it is necessary to understand that not everyone is a fan of waking up early.

So, there is no right or wrong, there is only what you feel most comfortable with and what your routine allows. For example, if the place where you work allows you to arrive later and leave later and you like this routine, why not comply with it, right?

Great benefits of waking up early

You are not alone if your day gets more productive when you wake up early, but you have trouble getting out of bed.

Therefore, we have separated 5 benefits of getting up early in bed to start enjoying the day. See below:

1. Productivity growth: studies show that those who wake up earlier are more willing to work in the morning.

Waking up early may not mean productivity for many people. However, some people are more excited to perform tasks in the morning.

2. Construction of a routine: waking up at approximately the same time each day helps to create a routine, essential to establish a level of quality in your sleep.

3. Make better use of the day: by following the habit of waking up early, your biological clock gets used to the idea and ends up following the schedule on the weekend as well.

This gives you more hours to enjoy your free time. Imagine having more time to have fun, be with family and friends, or just relax watching a movie!

4. Feel more proactive: When the day ‘stretches’ the fight against the passage of time is not so ungrateful.

People who wake up early feel that they have more control over their life, more time to set long-term goals, and are striving to improve their quality of life.

5. Can anticipate problems: Studies show that these types of people are more likely to anticipate or minimize problems, increasing their propensity for success.

6. Sleep better

7. Lose less time in traffic: Take the time to get to the office earlier and get rid of the hell of the traffic queues.

8. Become more optimistic: Unlike night owls who are more prone to sadness and depression, those who wake up with the sunrise are more optimistic, pleasant, and satisfied with life.

9. Plan more: Many of the people who wake up early use the early hours of the morning to carefully plan their schedule and make a point of view between the goals they have already achieved and those that are still missing.

10. Save time for exercise: No more excuses for not having time.

It is possible to go jogging before the family wakes up or take an hour at the gym and arrive at the office on time. And remember that exercise improves your mood and gives you more energy.

11. Take advantage of the silence to work:

Anyone who arrives at the office early knows the number of tasks that can be done while colleagues do not start arriving and the phones and emails do not threaten every minute of concentration.

12. Enjoy more family time: If you manage to get some work done before everyone wakes up, you are more likely to be able to leave the office earlier in the day and thus enjoy more time with the family.

13. Reduces anxiety: Perhaps for several of the reasons we have already listed, the truth is that having more time makes you less anxious because you can have more control over your life.

14. Lesser chances of developing psychological illnesses: Firstly, switching from day to night can confuse the production of hormones, such as serotonin, which directly influences mood and, lack thereof, can cause depression.

The second reason is linked to the feeling that the day lasts longer, which can generate greater satisfaction for the day’s achievements than when the night comes and has not yet managed to finish even half of what he had planned.

Thus, reducing time in bed can be the secret to taking dreams off the ground and preventing emotional illnesses from settling down for emotional and/or hormonal reasons.

Great thing when wake up early

What to do to sleep early?

  • Decide what sleeping early means to you;
  • Set an appropriate time;
  • Understand that inappropriate sleep habits are not healthy;
  • Understand that a good night’s sleep is important for the optimal functioning of the brain – It is worth saying that each person knows what is best for them and their lifestyle.

Waking up early to perform tasks that were left the day before or to solve problems is not beneficial.

Therefore, the habit of waking up early is good, if we know how to use it correctly and without exaggeration.

He must be an ally in search of balance in our routine, made up of activities, tasks, and needs.

  • Have a routine when sleeping: defining your nighttime habits is an essential step towards getting to sleep earlier and being able to wake up early the next day.

So, set a time to sleep, and an hour before, start with a little sleep routine.

For example: avoid heavier food at night, take a shower, brush your teeth, turn off the TV and cell phone, read a little, set the clock to wake up, and finally sleep.

  • Have a routine when you wake up: thus, as in the item above, it is interesting to establish new habits for this period.

Start the day with the agenda already scheduled! Here’s an example: waking up at 5 am, having breakfast, exercising, and starting to work.

If you work from home (home office), it is ideal that you have a specific place to carry out your activities and go directly to it, after the exercises. Don’t even think about going back to bed!

  • Practice physical exercises: don’t you like the idea of ​​doing physical activities in the morning? No problem! Find out what your best time is and invest in that idea.

Regular physical exercise helps prevent sleep disorders, such as insomnia and restless legs syndrome. Just as a sleep period of 7 to 8 hours can contribute to the effects of activities, as the metabolism works better.

Take care of your food throughout the day: in addition to avoiding heavy foods before bed, as we said above, it is important to be aware of everything you eat throughout the day.

For example, if caffeine helps to make you more awake, it is not recommended to drink any liquid with this component after 3 pm.

Isn’t waking up early for everyone?

No. If waking up early makes you more productive or not, the answer may lie in your genes.

There is a lot of research on how some people are biologically more likely to feel more willing in the morning, while others are at their best at night. You may also be more alert and have a better cognitive ability in the afternoon, for example.

Of course, there may be personal reasons that cause people to wake up early.

The main point is: the simple fact of waking up early is not necessarily synonymous with instant success at work. Depending on the person, it can end up having a negative effect.

Can getting up early be counterproductive?

Yes. Especially if you don’t normally wake up very early and are trying to do that to be more productive.

“People say, ‘Ah, this CEO is waking up at 5 am, I’m going to get on that wave too and do it on Mondays and Fridays'”

But that is not consistent. You are confusing your system.

It is important to get a full night’s sleep and sleep the same number of hours each night, going to bed at the same time. An even worse scenario? If you sleep less to become an early riser.

This means that you can be affected by the many negative symptoms of sleep deprivation, including bad mood, lack of concentration, potential weight gain, anxiety, increased risk of heart disease, and high blood pressure.

So if waking up early means sleeping less, don’t do it.

What can you do?

Experts tell you to try it. Don’t listen to LinkedIn thinkers or influencers – find out what works best for you. And, in the end, it may be waking up early.

Pay attention to what time of day you feel most tired and most awake. On vacation, write down the times when you go to sleep and when you wake up naturally.

Try to synchronize your schedule with these times, as this is how you will make the most of your natural energy for the next day.

When it comes to the corporate environment, experts suggest an approach that takes into account the habits of all employees to get the best out of each one.

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