Is Your Sleep Schedule on Point?

Sleep Schedule on Point

Sleep is a rather important aspect of our beings. Often times we tend to ignore it to quite an extent. Many of us feel 1 or 2 hours of sleep would probably be enough to get us through the day. But the thing is it cannot. Nor can inconsistent sleep patterns. If you have an inconsistent sleeping … Read more

What Are The Different Types of Sleep Patterns?

Polyphasic and Biphasic sleep

Human beings have something called a circadian rhythm that is internal. It is a behavioral and biological process that occurs every single day, basically a 24 hours cycle. Despite having something like this, what do you think is a correct time for a person to sleep at night? We all can’t deny the fact that … Read more

The Power of Deep Sleep Music

deep sleep music art

Deep sleep music helps in triggering changes to your body which in several ways mimic the sleep state. Slower breathing, lower blood pressure, and heart rate is the psychological changes that make the very process of staying asleep and falling asleep possible. Sleep is the most important aspect of every individual’s life. If one does … Read more

Paradox Sleep: A Psychological and Biological Perspective

paradox sleep

Sleep is considered to be one of the core functions of our body. We sleep to conserve energy and to regulate our behaviors. In addition to these functions, several recuperative activities may be accompanied along with our sleep. One such activity is rapid eye movement (REM) or paradox sleep, which is also known as paradoxical sleep. … Read more

Hours of Sleep By Age

Hours of sleep by age

Do you feel tired all day long? It is possible that you are not sleeping enough. Read through this article to know the hours of sleep by age. How many hours of sleep you must have as per your age? Our seep requirements change with age. For proper functioning of our body and mind, you … Read more

The Perfect Power Nap Guide

Power nap time during work

We all have experienced drowsiness in the afternoon, especially after a heavy meal. When we were kids we got the freedom to sleep in the afternoons. But for adults, our culture has been designed in such a way that they frown upon a midday sleep. Research exhibits to us numerous advantages of power nap that … Read more

Know the Reasons Why You Might Sleep Like a Baby

sleep like a baby

The requirement for sleep varies by age and many other factors. However, there is some ordinary know-how regarding the number of sleep needed by a baby or maybe a child of 2 years might need. You will now want to know what exactly means to sleep like a baby.  Sleep is a very important part of … Read more

Can Meditation Music Help You to Sleep?

Meditation visualization

Meditation music helps a person in meditating by providing a calm and soothing atmosphere around the person. It aids in the process of meditation and lets the individual focus more on meditation rather than on all the stressful activities of the day. It has a lot of benefits and can be found throughout the web. … Read more

The Power of Sleeping Habits

Sleeping Habits

Sleeping habits are such a thing that doesn’t remain the same for everyone. Instead, they vary from one person to another. There are a lot of factors on which sleeping habits can depend and these factors include age, routine, sleeping hours, etc. Also, there are a lot of things that are dependent on how you … Read more

How To Fall Asleep Fast Tonight

fall asleep fast

Ideally, we all want to fall asleep as soon as our head hits the pillow. Whether it is a short nap during the day, or going to bed after a long and tiring day, at night, we want to fall asleep almost instantly. After all, who has the time and energy to work extra for … Read more