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The Perfect Power Nap Guide

We all have experienced drowsiness in the afternoon, especially after a heavy meal. When we were kids we got the freedom to sleep in the afternoons. But for adults, our culture has been designed in such a way that they frown upon a midday sleep. Research exhibits to us numerous advantages of power nap that help improve cognitive abilities irrespective of age and much more. This article not only gives you the benefits of a power nap but also throws light on the risk of depriving mid-day naps. Are you excited to know more about power napping? Let me take you into the topic

Overwhelming advantages of power napping

We all love to take a power nap in the afternoon. Our lifestyles have changed so much, especially after the lockdown. Most of us would be experiencing work from home. This is the best time to try taking power naps, which can bring amazing changes to your work efficiency. Only a few people are aware of the numerous benefits offered by power naps.

Power nap helps your brain to reboot and improves productivity. We all know that most of the working population is under-sleeping. We would have also experienced situations where we keep drinking five to six cups of tea or coffee to complete our work. Caffeine is not a healthy solution to keep you active.

Here’s a secret to keep you awake along with increased efficiency. Take short naps. Have faith for power naps are magical.

  • Power naps can be the best, especially when you feel that your day has been sluggish or lazy.
  • The power nap is advisable, it can improve your critical thinking and cognitive skills over some time.
  • Taking power naps regularly enhances alertness.
  • Interestingly, power naps are found to lower the risk of heart diseases by research scholars.
  • It also improves learning ability, creative thinking, and memory power for children as well as adults.
  • Do you know that power naps can boost your mood, keep you calm in chaotic situations and prevent stress? The best way to overcome all this is to simply take a power nap which will calm your mind.

Power napping time is King!

Keep in mind that duration plays a major role when it comes to power naps. Long hours of sleep will take you into deep sleep mode which is not considered a power nap. Experts say that maximum recharging of the brain is done only when the person reaches the first stage of sleep. The second stage of sleep will slow down brain activity. The perfect nap time for most people is 15 to 20 minutes of sleep. Going beyond that is not advisable. Power nap time is the key to successful naps.

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Why is power napping so powerful?

A power nap can provide restorative sleep without having to be tired or drowsy once you wake up. If you want to feel active and energetic after sleep the best way is to have a power nap as it helps you to counter sleep inertia by reducing your overall time you spend asleep.

How to take a perfect power nap?

  1.  Keep alarmed

Researchers exhibit that the perfect nap duration for most people is about 15 to 20 minutes. During this particular time duration, the body provides you with restorative sleep which prevents drowsiness after you wake up. Keep in mind not to sleep more than 20 minutes because there are chances that you may get into deep sleep mode which can reduce your brain activity. It is always safe to set an alarm so that you will have a perfect power nap.

  1.  Early napping

It is good to have a nap early during the daytime. If you fall asleep late during the daytime, it might affect your sleep during the night. You can power nap halfway between the time you get up and the time you go to bed.

  1.  Ensure a sleep-friendly atmosphere

Most of us fall asleep when we have a comfy environment that induces sleep. Ensure that the space you occupy must be conducive to have a good power nap. This also depends on where you are to have a comfortable sofa or mattress. It is always recommended to nap in a quiet, dark, and cool place.

  1.  Avoid overthinking and just sleep

Stress will never allow you to sleep. If you have trouble letting go of your worries, then practice relaxing. Taking a power nap is the best way to relax and set aside your stress and worries. You will feel recharged and refreshed after your power nap

  1.  Reflect

When you reflect on why you are napping it will help you gain an understanding of yourself. When you have intentions, it will be easy for you to plan the power nap around your goals. This will help you have a healthy sleep, which will give you the energy to form your task actively for the rest of the day.

Understanding the impact of power naps

An important factor that is responsible for several power naps is their duration. Whenever we fall asleep, we go through sleep stages in a series. Researchers have concluded that five minutes nap is short and does not provide any benefits. A person needs to move in-depth into various sleep stages to attain the maximum benefit from power naps.

power nap during work

On the other hand, if a person sleeps 30 minutes the body starts to go through a deep sleep, which is also known as a slow-wave mode. This does not come under the power nap category. Keep in mind that photo long duration can leave you groggy for up to one hour. This particular period of sluggishness or drowsiness can also be known as ‘sleep inertia’.

What is the best time of the day to take power naps?

The best time to take a power nap is right after you have your lunch. Post-lunch is an advantage of your body’s sleep cycle, which is typically around 1 PM. Keep in mind not to use your mobile phone when you are planning to have a power nap. It is not a good idea to keep surfing on the internet as you tend to waste your valuable time.

Exceptions to power naps

There are certain exceptions to power naps. The exceptions apply to a sick person sleeping more as they are dealing with an illness. This can extend up to 25 minutes and can be beneficial to the sick person. Another exception is for children who require higher sleep than adults.

Hope this article has given you the clarity to figure out how to incorporate power nap into your daily lifestyle. Over some time, you can establish a routine that will help your body fall asleep at a specific time. Adopting this habit will help you to think sharper and experience a healthy lifestyle. Power naps not only help to increase your work efficiency but also safeguards your health from numerous chronic diseases.

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