Do Fish Sleep and Why Do They Sleep?

Do fish sleep in coral?

Introduction Although it is a small-scale question, solving the mystery of ‘do fish sleep?’, Sleep is characterized by the closure of eyes and a familiar electrical pattern in the brain and neocortex. Neither do fish have eyelids nor the neocortex, thus bringing about the debate on whether they sleep or not? Answer The answer is … Read more

Do Insects Sleep And What Do We Know About Their Sleep Cycle?

do insects sleep?

Sleep helps rejuvenate and restore our minds and body. It helps to re-wire our brain and make it sharp. We know for sure that animals, birds, and reptiles experience similar sleep patterns to humans. But what about insects? Do insects sleep? It’s not easy to answer that. Most of us haven’t even seen a bug sleep … Read more

Understanding the Types of Sleep – Unveiling the Mystery of Brain

keep calm and types of sleep

You’ve probably heard that you pass through several stages while sleeping. In actuality, a lot of things go on inside your brain while being in slumber and these specific brain activities create different stages or types of sleep. This post reveals the said biological mysteries associated with sleep including its stages and the related brain … Read more