Is Shift Work Related To Sleep Disorders?

Shift working disorder

Shift work is a type of work whose objective is to continue production, using the continuous presence of teams in the same job. Is shift work related to sleep disorders? Changing the day for the night necessarily implies going against the biological clock, which is innate and is programmed so that, as a species, humans … Read more

Should I Sleep 9 Or 10 Hours A Day?

Sleeping 9 to 10 hours

Sleeping too much can be linked to an increased risk of heart problems and even an increased risk of mortality. Studies have shown that an average duration of 10 hours of sleep per night is linked to a 30% increase in premature deaths, compared to seven hours a night. After all, does sleeping a lot … Read more

Benefits Of Waking Up Early

waking up early sunrise

Waking up early can be almost like a sacrifice for some or a way to be more productive during the day for others. What matters is the quality It is likely that you have heard or read somewhere that sleep deprivation can have consequences such as lack of concentration, tiredness, and increased chances of having … Read more

Should I Sleep 7 To 8 Hours A Day?

sleep more than 7 hours

Sleeping 8 hours and having hours of sleep is not going to help you wake up willing the other day to be able to deal with everyday tasks, is it? Sleep plays an important role for the body, as it restores cell function. In other words, it is at the moment when we are sleeping … Read more

Should I Sleep 5 To 6 Hours A Day?

5 or 6 hours of sleep

Of course, it’s possible to sleep 5 to 6 hours a day, we’ve all done it. Whether studying, working overtime, or after a party. But should we adopt it as a habit? Should we waste less time sleeping to be more productive? We all know that the idea is to have a sleep routine that … Read more

Should I sleep 3 to 4 hours a night?

sleep for 3 hours

Sleep 3 to 4 hours can also be far from what we would normally consider healthy. However, it could be an issue to analyze! Most people who sleep 3 to 4 hours a day are governed by a sleep organization called polyphasic sleep. Dangers While some people believe that there are benefits, there are also … Read more

Anxiety vs. Bad Sleep. Causes or Consequences?


Anxiety has a very close relationship with sleep. That is why we say that we cannot sleep because we are thinking about something else. We usually lie down, ready to sleep, and what happens? Our body temperature drops, the heartbeat slows down, the breathing goes deeper, and the brain begins to “shut down”. When we … Read more

Should I sleep 1 to 2 hours a night?

1 or 2 hours of sleep

How many of us have thought about the hours of sleeping, and sleeping needs. Should I sleep 1 to 2 hours a night? Should I sleep nothing at all? There are two processes that regulate our sleepiness: circadian rhythm and sleep pressure. And what is this, you ask? The circadian rhythm is like our internal … Read more

Dreaming About Bees, Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about bees

Dreaming of bees What does it mean? This dream could indicate your need to be occupied with something and not being able to relax. This dream could be a warning about exhausting yourself with a lot of work.  Dreaming of bees could also symbolize someone or something which annoys you. You might also be pressured … Read more

Dreaming About Elephants, Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about elephants

If you see Elephant in a dream, what does it mean? And how it is connected to our real life? Oh, we don’t all love the elephant. We must all show such grace to this beautiful animal. Elephants are beautiful animals and we should appreciate their spiritual connection with us. Yes, elephants are strong, powerful, … Read more